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Truffle Hunting to Prespes Lakes in Florina – Private Day Trip

From: 520.00

Truffle Hunting to Prespes Lakes in Florina – Private Day Trip

From 520€

With Luxury Car: For 1 to 4 persons: 520.00€
With Luxury Minivan: For 5 to 8 persons: 880.00€
With Luxury MiniBus: For 9 to 15 persons: 1,350.00€

Departure Time from Thessaloniki at 09:00
Returns to original Pick up point at 19:00 (approx.)

Truffle Hunt
The hunt begins with our meeting with the special guide – truffle hunter at the predetermined meeting point. The group then coordinates and heads to the spot where the truffle collection will take place. An introduction is given to the truffle, its habitats and nutritional value.
Our expert guide, together with the experienced dogs direct the group in search of the expensive mushroom (truffle). Throughout the search there is a discussion about the truffle and random questions are answered.
Season: All year weather permitting.
Duration: 1.5 hours (approx.)
Difficulty: 2/5

The program of the excursion can be adjusted always according to the requirements of the passengers.


Truffle Hunting to Prespes Lakes in Florina – Private Day Trip

The truffle, this subterranean mushroom with a strong aroma, has fanatical supporters and “enemies”, as its intensity tends to cover the flavors of a dish. Truffle lovers recognize its aroma in every dish and many choose to use truffle oil or other truffle products in almost every meal.
There are about 80 varieties worldwide that thrive in the wild, with 7 of them cultivated.

Why is the truffle in demand?
The culinary, as well as the nutritional value of the truffle, make it sought after all over the world. We find it in neat restaurant dishes with the demand constantly increasing. This increased demand, combined with the small quantities available on the market, make its price particularly high.
The truffle is an excellent delicacy, while a minimal amount is enough to transform a simple recipe into an incredible delicacy. The fact of its rich biological value makes it useful for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, while it is considered to have significant aphrodisiac properties.

Types of truffles
The black or white truffle is the hidden treasure of the earth, the gem of the kitchen with its characteristic aroma. It works wonders on all the dishes it participates in, raising them to higher levels of taste. The most commercial types of truffles are:

1. The precious white truffle or Tuber Magnatum Pico is the most exquisite and expensive truffle due to its unforgettable aroma which is particularly strong and pleasant until it is ripe, while its taste is very delicious and unique. It ripens from the end of August-September until December-January, depending on the weather conditions.

2. The White Truffle of Borch or Tuber borchii has a particularly strong and pleasant aroma until it ripens, while its taste is very delicious and unique. Its mild aroma, with hints of garlic and its intense and long-lasting taste, make it suitable for use as a seasoning in various dishes, provided that it will not be cooked for a prolonged period of time.

3. The black summer truffle or Tuber aestivum is the most common and widespread truffle. It resembles the black autumn truffle or Tuber uncinatum, while its aroma is pleasant, light and delicate when fresh. It is reminiscent of boiled corn and is used as a base with other ingredients. It is combined with salads, sweets, seafood, cheeses, light meats, pasta.

4. The Black Autumn Truffle or Tuber uncinatum ripens from October to December. Its aroma is delicate, pleasant, moderately intense, subtle, but stronger than Tuber aestivum. The taste is moderately intense and reminiscent of nuts.

5. The black winter truffle or Tuber brumale ripens from mid-January to March. Its aroma is pleasant, delicate and sweet, its taste is excellent and it does not change with cooking. Black truffle is especially appreciated by those who love intense flavors.

Prespa National Park
The Prespa National Park is 45 km from the city of Florina via Pisoderio. The route is magnificent in all seasons overlooking the vast mountains. At a distance of 19 km from Florina we reach Vigla, where the ski center Vigla – Pisoderio is located at an altitude of 1650 m. After Vigla I meet the village of Pisoderi at an altitude of 1350 m and then the community of Antarctica. After 2 km, turning right at the crossroads, we drive to Pervali, from where we have a panoramic view of the two lakes and the Prespa valley in general.

At the next junction on the left we drive, after the settlement of Oxias, to the village of Mikrolimni which is located on the shores of Mikri Prespa from where the small island of Vidronisi can be seen, while on the right at the junction along the main road we drive to the other villages Karyes, Kallithea, Plati , Laimos, Agios Germanos and then the strip of land that separates the lakes, Koula, the bridge that leads to Agios Achilleios and continuing we meet the Gate and the mountain village of Vrontero. The uphill road leads us, through a magnificent route overlooking Megali Prespa, to the village of Psarades which is the northwestern tip of Greece.

Truffle Hunting to Prespes Lakes in Florina – Private Day Trip

The National Park
Big and Small Prespa, lakes on the map at the Triathlon on the border of Albania, the former Yugoslavia and Greece, is a unique location with a long history. It is protected by Greek, European and international conventions, while Lake Mikri Prespa is also protected by the Ramsar Convention as a unique wetland. In 1991, the Prespa Protection Society was established with the help of the WWF, which supported the efforts of the local population to highlight and protect the natural wealth of their area. Prespes has joined the NATURA 2000 network.

It is an isolated area due to the geography of the landscape (surrounded by the high mountains of the Alps and the northern folds of Pindos), with pristine natural environment, traditional villages and hospitable inhabitants. At Lake Mikri Prespa, a small fjord in the community of Mikrolimni unites Greece with Albania. The Prespa area is crossed by the international mountaineering path E6. The climate of the region is mild, between Mediterranean and continental.

The National Park of Prespa (declared in 1974) covers 256 square meters. km. Of which about 83 are covered by the two lakes Prespes and 50 are its core (Absolute Protection Zone). It is the largest of a total of 10 national parks in our country and includes subalpine beech forests, the “northern” birch, woodland plant communities, reeds, deciduous and coniferous trees, 1,400 species of plants, 1200 species of fern, alpine meadows at high altitudes. 1,800 m. And the unique forest in Europe from old cedars on the route from Kula to Psarades, as well as an endemic species, Centaurea prespana.
The flora of the Forest includes a small number of plant species that are governed under a regime of international importance. Wet meadows (lakeside areas with low hydrophilic vegetation) are very important for the reproduction of fish and amphibians, the collection of invertebrates and their function as a feeding ground for waterfowl. Their existence is related to the control of the width of the reeds. Herds of cattle and buffaloes used to graze in the wet meadows of Prespa.

The fauna, the reptile fauna and birds fauna of the area are very rich due to the many habitats and rare (11 species of amphibians, 21 species of reptiles, 45 species of mammals, over 260 species of waterfowl). The Prespa Forest includes 12 villages. In the village of Psarades lives the protected species of dwarf cow, 1.10 m high. Prespes is a breeding ground for many endangered birds (eg silver pelican, rose pelican). The stork lives in Platy, in the highest nest in Europe (950 m.). The fish fauna is very important (17 species of fish, carps, plaids, eels, mullets, trout, chirons, etc.) as 80% of the fish are endemic. The fish bran of Prespa, trout of the river of Ag. Germanou Prespa and korygon Ag. Panteleimon (Vegoritida), are unique in the world.

Truffle Hunting to Prespes Lakes in Florina – Private Day Trip

Lake Megali Prespa
It is a freshwater lake, its altitude is 843 m. And its area within Greece is 40 sq. Km. Its geological background consists of limestone. Its maximum length is 26.9 km and its maximum depth is 50 m. In the “rot” position opposite the village of fishermen. It receives the waters of Little Prespa, with which it is connected through a narrow strip of land – isthmus, in the area of ​​Koula.
It is significantly deeper than Mikri Prespa and communicates underground with Lake Ohrid which is located at a lower altitude.
On its banks it has hydrophytic vegetation of reeds. The fauna around the lake is also rich. Suitable for fishing, hunting, leisure and tourism. One of the most famous areas of the lake for swimming, canoeing – kayaking and rowing is the beach of Koula.

Truffle Hunting to Prespes Lakes in Florina – Private Day Trip

Lake Little Prespa
Its area is 43 sq. Km. And its height above sea level is 856 m. (13.5 m. Higher than Megali Prespa).
Freshwater lake that probably formed during the Tertiary when it was connected to the Great Prespa.
The two lakes were separated during the Quaternary or Neogene due to deposits of adjacent torrents. Its maximum length reaches 13.6 km.
The background of the lake consists of limestones, granites and granodiorites and the shores are in other places steep and in other levels with reedbeds.
Its waters are used for water supply, irrigation, fishing, recreation and tourism, but freeze for a long time every winter. It is a wetland of international importance according to the Ramsar Convention. A place of special importance for the colonies of pelicans, as well as a place of their reproduction as well as of herons and cormorants.
Here live the otter, one of the rarest mammals in Europe, the bear, the wolf, the roe deer, the fox and many times it arrives from Albania and no lynx (a rare species that looks like a wildcat).

Truffle Hunting to Prespes Lakes in Florina – Private Day Trip

In the 12 villages of Prespa (Mikrolimni, beech, Karyes, Pyli, Laimos, Psarades, Agios Germanos etc.) today live 1,200 people. They derive their income mainly from fishing, animal husbandry, agriculture and tourism. All the cereals and the famous Prespa beans are produced here.

Visitors can explore the lakes with the characteristic boats called “floats”, wooden boats coated with tar that are slowly being replaced by modern boats.

The boatmen from the village of Psarades, make tours in Megali Prespa all year round, providing the opportunity for the visitors to admire the hermitages carved in the rock of Megali Prespa, that is, the small monidia of the departed. The one-room tiled areas decorated with frescoes on the rocks, which we find coming out of the bay of Psarades, which date from 1455/6 and 1373 respectively.

Off the lake we find the hermitage of the Transfiguration that saves the temple, the narthex and the auxiliary spaces. Last, before the Albanian border, is the hermitage of Panagia Eleousa and dates from 1409/10. The visitor can admire the rich fauna of the area, as it gathers large numbers of aquatic and seabirds. A boat ride in Mikri Prespa during the summer, will give you unforgettable images crossing it among the water lilies.

Visitors can walk through the floating footbridge (650 m.), To reach the island of Agios Achilleios which is located in Mikri Prespa. The island has few inhabitants and is one of the most beautiful and few lake villages inhabited. On the island is the church of Ag. Achilles from the end of the 10th century, as well as the tomb of Saint Achilles. There, the Bulgarian Tsar Samuel transported from the city of Larissa the relic of its bishop, Saint Achilles, around 980 – 985. It is a three-aisled wooden-roofed basilica with a narthex and was for five centuries the episcopal church of Prespa. It is one of the largest basilicas in Greece. The island of Agios Achilleios has been the center of “Prespeia” events for years with important concerts attended by visitors from all over Greece. “Prespeia” takes place every year in the last ten days of August.

The lakes of Prespa host lovers of nature, amateur fishing, art photography as well as mountaineering, mountain biking and touring the huge mountains that surround them and supply them with water. From the village of Agios Germanos starts a dirt route which is unknown to many and leads to the village of Akritas through the mountain range of Varnounta but also to the ski resort Viglas – Pisoderio. On the sandy beach of Koula in Megali Prespa one can swim, do canoeing and kayaking. In the taverns of the area, guests can taste the fish of the lake (carp, chironia, brana), fine local meats, pickles, cheeses, beans as well as wonderful wine and tsipouro.

Vigla – Pisoderi Ski Center
Through an enchanting route, overlooking the green slopes of the mountains and at a distance of 19 km from Florina and 178 km from Thessaloniki at Vigla, is the organized ski center Vigla – Pisoderi at an altitude of 1650 m.

It is the only ski resort center in Greece located on a highway with the result that the road is open throughout the winter providing easy and safe access to visitors.
The Olympic standard ski resort has nine slopes (13 km in total) which serve all categories of ski athletes and are approved by the F.I.S. (International Ski Federation).
In summer, visitors can go horseback riding, tour the beautiful mountain trails while the area is ideal for lovers of mountaineering and mountain biking.

Truffle Hunting to Prespes Lakes in Florina – Private Day Trip

Truffle Hunting to Prespes Lakes in Florina – Private Day Trip | Description


  • Pick up and drop off service from your hotel in Thessaloniki
  • Transportation by air-conditioned V.I.P. car, minivan or minibus
  • Professional chauffeur (English-speaking)
  • Wifi on board (free)
  • Bottle of water and coffee during the route (free)
  • After the trip you will receive with email edited photos and a small video of your trip.


  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Guide who speaks your language
  • Entrance fees

Additional info

  • Participants under the age of 12 must have a parent or guardian.
  • Because there are many sights worth seeing but a day trip is not enough to visit all of them, before starting the trip we will present to you all possible sights to choose what you are more interest for.
  • There are many beautiful sights. You are encouraged to bring a camera along. But if you don’t… we have a camera for you!
  • Weather will not affect the operation of the tours.
  • However if canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions, you will be given the option of an alternative date
  • Pick up from your hotel in Thessaloniki
  • Departure time: 09:00 am (approx.)
  • Duration: 10 hours (approx.)
  • Return details: Returns to original Pick up point

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