Category: Accommodation

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.

Every year it welcomes more than 35 million tourists. That placing it among the top ranked countries on the World Tourism Organization’s list of countries with inbound tourists.

Over the past several decades, alarge or small scaled and modern tourist complexes have developed in order to cater to the demands and accommodation needs of every visitor.

Types of Accommodation: Hotels: (standard type, traditional guesthouses, agrotourist lodgings, etc), Rooms for rent, Apartments for rent, Tourist residences and villas: self-catering dwellings provided in various sizes as holiday accommodations, depending on the needs of the tourists, Campings: They provide places for tents or caravans, as well as small bungalows, while their facilities provide a wide range of services. Places can be booked through travel agencies, Youth hostels.