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Thessaloniki to Tzoumerka – Private Day Trip

From: 560.00

Thessaloniki to Tzoumerka | Private Day Trip

From 560€


  • Up to 4 people: 560,00€ (Transportation by Mercedes E-Class Avantgarde or Similar)
  • Up to 8 people: 740,00€ (Transportation by Minivan)
  • Up to 15 people: 900,00€ (Transportation by Minibus)
  • Every Extra Person: 50,00€

Departure Time from Thessaloniki to Tzoumerka at 09:00
Returns to original Pick up point at 19:00 (approx.)

The program of the excursion can be adjusted always according to the requirements of the passengers.


Thessaloniki to Tzoumerka – Private Day Trip


The villages of North Tzoumerka are situated on Central Pindus, between the rivers of Arachtos and Aspropotamos (Acheloos). Tzoumerka serve as the natural boundary between Epirus and Thessalia, while they are also known as Athamanika mountains.

Name origin
The name Tzoumerka seems to be of Vlach origin, as “tzoum” in the language of Vlachs means the “steep peak”. The name Athamanika mountains owes its origin to the king of Orhomenos (in Viotia), Athamas. He is said to have found shelter at the region after having been chased by his subjects. The locals proclaimed him their king. Athamas unified all the settlements of the area into the kingdom of Athamanon.

The ancient Athamania
The most important towns of ancient Athamania were Argothea (its capital), Theodoria and Avatos. The locals worshipped Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Artemis, Aeolus and the deified hero Arachtos. Their coins of that era depicted Dioni (a greek deity) and Athena holding owls.

During the Revolution
During this period huge battles took place between the forces of the sultan and the Greek revolutionaries. The most important were those at Plaka’s bridge, at Afti of Melissourgi and at Stavros of Theodoriana. Many famous heroes of the Greek Revolution participated there such as: G. Bakolas, M. Botsaris, G. Karaiskakis and more.

Modern times
The region is not included within the borders of the first independent greek state. After the unsuccessful revolutions of 1854 and 1878, finally in 1881 with the outcome of the Berlin congress a big part of the region was annexed to the Greek state. A part of Arachtos river and its tributary Kalaritikos serve as the boundaries between Greece and Turkey. The whole of the region became independent during the Balkan wars in 1912-1913.

Locals Occupations
Two were the main occupations of the locals: stock raisers and builders. Some other occupations were that of shoe-repairer, tinker and mule-driver.


  • Pick-Up and drop off service from your hotel in Thessaloniki
  • Short stop at Plaka Arched Stone Bridge
  • Katarraktis Waterfalls
  • Anemotrypa Stalactite Cave
  • Pramanta Traditional Village
  • Holy Kipinas Monastery
  • Kouiassa Waterfalls
  • Kalarites Traditional Village
  • Return at the original Pick-Up point

• Lunch time: 14:30 (approx).

Thessaloniki to Tzoumerka – Private Day Trip | Description


  • Pick up and drop off service from your hotel in Thessaloniki
  • English-speaking tour leader (applies for transport by minibus)
  • Transportation by air-conditioned V.I.P. car, minivan or minibus
  • Professional English-speaking Driver (applies for transports by car or minivan)
  • Professional English-speaking Driver & Escort of our office (applies for transport by minibus)
  • Wifi on board (free)
  • Bottle of water and coffee during the route (free)
  • After the trip you will receive with email edited photos and video of your trip.

Not Included

  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Guide who speaks your language
  • Entrance fees

Additional info

  • Participants under the age of 12 must have a parent or guardian.
  • Because there are many sights worth seeing in Tzoumerka but a day trip is not enough to visit all of them, before starting the trip we will present to you all possible sights to choose what you are more interest for.
  • There are many beautiful sights. You are encouraged to bring a camera along. But if you don’t… we have a camera for you!
  • Weather will not affect the operation of the tours.
  • However if canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions, you will be given the option of an alternative date
  • Pick up from your hotel in Thessaloniki
  • Departure time: 09:00 am
  • Duration: 10 hours (approx.)
  • Return details: Returns to original Pick up point


  • Uncover the history of the mountainous Kipina Monastery, built in 13th century
  • Get a feel for the area and explore the villages of Pramanta and Kalarrites
  • Admire the scenic beauty of the region and visit the waterfall of Kouiassa
  • Meet the locals and learn more about the history of North Tzoumerka
  • Visit the Plaka stone bridge, the largest stone bridge in the Balkans

Thessaloniki to Tzoumerka


The National Park of Tzoumerka, Peristeri and Arachtos Gorge is an open land area of approximately 820 km2. Its main aim of foundation is the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, as well as that of the wild life, along with the development of activities, so that all the features of the protected area ( natural, historical and cultural) remain intact for future generations. Within the National Park an extended area is already being protected under the existing national and European legislation, since three sub-areas have already been integrated in the European Ecological Network “Natura 2000”.

The diversity of the region’s climate, combined with the significant differences of altitude and the intense alternation of geomorphology and terrain favor the growth of remarkable, rich and, in some cases, rare flora and fauna. The forests, with their change of color according to the season, attach an exceptional beauty to the landscape. The local fauna is of particular interest as well, since it hosts some rare and protected species, such as the wolf, the bear, the wild goat, the eagle, the deer, the fox etc.


  • Rafting
    Arachtos river’s narrow gorges, vertical slopes, waterfalls, and the possibility of plunging in its fresh water, make it ideal both for beginners and advanced in rafting. The more experienced may test their skills in more difficult descents like that of Kalarritikos, a tributary of Arachtos.
  • Hiking
    There are a lot of mapped hiking routes at Tzoumerka, with special markings, both for advanced and beginners in hiking. Some of them appear on the map.
  • Canyoning
    Canyoning lovers have a high esteem of Tzoumerka. After the panhellenic canoying meeting of 2012 there, more and more of them visit the region for hiking, rappelling or swimming in the gorges of Tzoumerka. The Gate of Paradise is one of those gorges that one can reach by canyoning.
  • Cycling – 4×4 – Motor-Biking
    The region is ideal for mountain biking, 4×4 driving and on-off motorbikes. One can practice those activities throughout the year, but the most recommended seasons are spring, summer and autumn. The landscape offers a multitude of trails and forest roads, where the visitor can enjoy his favorite extreme sport, in a variety of gradients and terrains.

Source: Discover Tzoumerka

Ημερήσια ιδιωτική εκδρομή από τη Θεσσαλονίκη στα Τζουμέρκα

Thessaloniki to Tzoumerka

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