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Sailing in Crystal-Clear Waters the Aegean Sea

The Aegean has a natural beauty that defines the Mediterranean. Exhilarating open water of Aegean sea awaits you to discover it!

Travel anywhere by chartering a luxury yacht or sailing boat via Hello Thessaloniki.
When booking a cruise, you can always choose the boat that best matches for your travel plan.

Go where you want, when you want!

Our offering is tailor made with your needs, your business, your vacation schedule.
We will make sure your private cruise experience is a comfortable and smooth as possible.
Starting with a chauffeured car to drive you to the marine with a direct access to the yacht or sailing boat and simplified boarding procedures, Hello Thessaloniki enables you to travel with complete discretion.

Contact Hello Thessaloniki to learn which private cruise is best suited for your next business trip, group outgoing or family vacation.

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