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Discover the Mountainous Halkidiki, Private Day Trip

From: 380.00

Discover the Mountainous Halkidiki, Private Day Trip | Full Day Trip

From 380€


  • Up to 4 people: 380,00€
    (Transportation by Mercedes E-Class Avantgarde or Similar)
  • Up to 8 people: 640,00€
    (Transportation by Mercedes Vito Tourer or Similar)
  • Up to 15 people: 900,00€
    (Transportation by VIP Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI Long, 21 seats or Similar)
  • Every Extra Person: 50,00€


  • Up to 3 people: 1,200,00€
    (Transportation by Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC)
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Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC
Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC

Departure Time from Thessaloniki at 09:00
Returns to original Pick up point at 19:00 (approx.)

The program of the excursion can be adjusted always according to your requirements.


Discover the Mountainous Halkidiki, Private Day Trip


In Halkidiki, apart from the wonderful beaches, there are places that are worth visiting at all times of the year.

Surrounded by dense forests, with clean air, coolness, wonderful gurgling water from the mountains, with the possibility of walks in enchanting countryside, it is considered an ideal place for lovers of agritourism and alternative tourism for all seasons of the year.

TRIP PLAN (*Optionally)

  • Pick-Up from your hotel in Thessaloniki
  • Visit the traditional town of Olimpiada
  • Visit the Varvara’s Waterfalls (recommended for travellers in a good shape)
  • Visit Ancient Stagira
  • Visit Arnaia Traditional Village (lunch spot, optionally)
  • Visit Taxiarchis Forest & Village (lunch spot, optionally)
  • Visit Geroplatanos Traditional Village
  • Visit Agios Prodromos Traditional Village
  • Visit Galatista Traditional Village
  • Drop-Off at your hotel in Thessaloniki

• Lunch time: 14:30 (approx)

*The program of the excursion can be adjusted always according to your requirements.

Discover the Mountainous Halkidiki, Private Day Trip


  • Pick up and drop off service from your hotel in Thessaloniki
  • Transportation by air-conditioned VIP car, minivan or minibus
  • Professional English-speaking Driver (applies for transports by car or minivan)
  • Professional English-speaking Driver & Escort of our office (applies for transport by minibus)
  • Wifi on board (free)
  • Bottle of water and coffee during the route (free)
  • After the trip you will receive edited photos and video of your trip.

Not Included

  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Guide who speaks your language
  • Licensed Guide
  • Entrance fees and any extra expenses
  • Lunch Cost

Additional info

  • Participants under the age of 12 must have a parent or escort.
  • Because there are many sights worth seeing in Sithonia Peninsula but a day trip is not enough to visit all of them, before starting the trip we will present to you all possible sights to choose what you are more interest for.
  • There are many beautiful sights. You are encouraged to bring a camera along. But if you don’t… we have a camera for you!
  • Weather will not affect the operation of the tours.
  • However if canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions, you will be given the option of an alternative date
  • Pick up from your hotel in Thessaloniki
  • Departure time: 09:00 am
  • Duration: 10 hours (approx.)
  • Return details: Returns to original Pick up point


  • Arnaia
    In about an hour you can enjoy your coffee in the picturesque square of Arnaia, along with delicious local pies and exquisite culinary delights with local products. Arnaia is one of the most picturesque villages of mountainous Halkidiki. It is located at an altitude of 600 meters of Mount Holomonta.
  • Ancient Stageira
    Ancient Stagira is known for being the birthplace of Aristotle, the greatest philosopher of ancient times and the tutor of Alexander the Great. The city was founded in ca. 655 B.C. by colonists from the island of Andros. Down to the Persian Wars, Stagira was a free, independent and prosperous city. After the Persians retreated, it became an ally both to the Athenians and later to the Spartans until the city was occupied by king Philip II of Macedon in 349 B.C. A few years after the destruction, however, Philip himself repopulated the city in return for Aristotle’s, tutoring of his son Alexander. Yet Stagira never recovered its former brilliance and it is henceforth mentioned by ancient authors only on a few occasions, invariably in connection with the great philosopher. An enchanting later written tradition records that after Aristotle died, the inhabitants of Stagira transferred and buried his relics inside the city, in a place called “the Aristoteleion”, a large altar was erected on his grave, and an annual festival was instituted in his honour, called the “Aristoteleia”.
  • Geroplatanos Traditional Village
    The name Geroplatanos literally means “old plane tree” in the Greek language. The plane tree is very impressive due to its size but also, its age which is estimated to be 800 year’s old! The “Platanus” tree was designated a listed monument of nature in 1975. The story of Geroplatanos village dates back to 1795 when seven families came and built houses from the Liavska area, 6 kilometres north of the village. On 1928 was named Geroplatanos. At the west side of the village, you will find the chapel of Panagia, where every year on the 14th and 15th of August takes place the Feast of the Virgin Mary, which is then followed with a big celebration full of traditional dishes and dance.
  • Aristotle’s Park
    The Aristotle’s Park, a unique theme park of Halkidiki, is located in a most beautiful area with a marvellous view towards the Gulf of Ierissos and the whole peninsula of Athos. The park is dedicated to the famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle and includes a series of interesting instruments which when used properly will show the phenomena of nature. These experimental instruments, operating by rules of physics are mentioned in Aristotle’s textbooks and especially in the one called “The Naturals”.The 12 interactive instruments include a prism, optical discs, a water turbine, a telescope, sounding bars (pentaphone), a compass, lens, a solar clock, the alarm clock of Aristostle, inertia spheres, parabolic reflectors and a pendulum – all illustrating important phenomena studied by the great philosopher and taught to his students (important note: one of his students was Alexander the Great!).

Discover the Mountainous Halkidiki, Private Day Trip

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