6 Enchanting Summer Destinations in Northern Greece

Six famous destinations in Northern Greece

Give another dimension to summer vacations. Come and meet them up close, starting from the northeastern tip of the country.

1. Alexandroupolis

Built on the shores of the Thracian Sea, in a central position, Alexandroupolis is a privileged center of a truly charismatic region. Over the years, the initially fishing village evolved into a modern center and today is the largest port in Thrace. The lighthouse, a trademark and naval symbol of the city, stands majestically in the port. A real experience is the fish auction at the local fish market, where the fishing boats arrive one after the other with their barns full. Start your acquaintance with the city by taking a leisurely walk in the coastal zone and in the Municipal Park. Visit its many and interesting museums, but also the archeological sites of Mesimvria – Zoni and Makri. The beaches, most organized, start from the E.O.T. coast, next to the city, to the Red Rocks in Nea Chili. Agia Paraskevi in ​​Makri and the Cote d’Azur are among the most famous.

Alexandroupolis, Αλεξανδρούπολη

2. Samothrace

The “Island of the Great Gods” emerges through the Thracian Sea, crowned by the highest mountain of the Aegean, the imposing Mount Saos. Samothrace is famous for its archeological treasures. Its great fame culminates in antiquity with the flourishing of the Kaverian Mysteries – one of the most important religious events with special rituals – equal to the Eleusinian Mysteries. In Paleopolis and in a huge archeological site of 50 acres, the greatness of the history of Samothrace becomes obvious.

Samothraki, Σαμοθράκη

The north side of the island, literally “drowned” in the green, is adorned with hundreds of streams and springs, impressive waterfalls and ravines, and over 100 natural ponds carved into the rocks, the famous pedestals. You will enjoy cool dives on the endless beach of Kipi with the characteristic gray-black cobbles and the cosmopolitan sandy Pachia Ammos. From here, a tourist boat starts for a sea tour in the “avata” parts of the island: Katarti, Spilies, Vato, Kremasto, Grias ta Pania and Giali.

Samothraki-01, Σαμοθράκη

3. Kavala

The so-called “Mecca of tobacco” is considered one of the most charming cities in Macedonia. Discover its historical past in a tour of the traditional district of Panagia (Old Town), in “Kamares”, the most recognizable point of Kavala, declared a protected monument, in museums (Archaeological, Primary, Tobacco), churches and old but renovated tobacco warehouses. Stroll to the picturesque main port, the lighthouse, the traditional carnagio and the port of the Old Slaughterhouses. Swim at the beaches of Perigiali, Rapsani, Kalamitsa, Batis, Toska, Palio and Aspri Ammos. Also visit Nea Peramo, Nea Iraklitsa and Nea Karvali, favorite holiday destinations, but also the famous archeological site of Philippi, recently included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kavala, Καβάλα

4. Thassos

The perfect combination of mountain and sea, the scattered archeological sites and an impressive coastline compose the incomparable charm of the northern Aegean island. The capital and main port of the island is Limenas. The place that presents the most unchanged image in time is, without a doubt, Panagia, the old capital of the island. Inland, beautiful villages with rich cultural activity invite you to discover them.

The archeological site of Alyki, near the settlement of Poto, the ancient theater and the Archaeological Museum in Limenas, innumerable holy pilgrimages and the special architecture of the traditional settlements are the most important sights of Thassos.

All-gold beaches with shallow or deep waters, aromatic pines that “caress” beaches inaccessible with crystal clear bottoms, beaches more or less organized for simple swimming or camping… cover all tastes and are offered for both family and leisurely vacations, alone.

Thasos, Θάσος

5. Halkidiki

The place that has it all, Halkidiki, is considered one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the country. At its three “feet”, Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos, it hosts wide, almost tropical sandy beaches with turquoise waters, busy states, traditional villages, archeological treasures, the monastic state of Mount Athos, the world-famous cave caves and high standards.
For accommodation on the Kassandra peninsula choose the areas: Nea Potidea, Nea Fokea, Sani, Afitos, Pefkochori, Paliouri, Kalandra and Nea Skioni. In the peninsula of Sithonia the areas: Nikiti, Vourvourou, Neo Marmara, Toroni, Sykia, Nea Kallikratia, Ierissos and Ouranoupolis.

All areas host award-winning beaches, most of them well organized.
The main reason to visit the Athos peninsula is Mount Athos, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the “orchard of the Virgin” there are 20 convent monasteries, where live about 1,700 monks, faithful guardians of a huge cultural heritage of eleven centuries!

Halkidiki, Χαλκιδική

6. Litochoro

Although built on the slope of the highest peak of Olympus (Mytikas, 2,918 m.), It is only a few kilometers from the vast coastline of Pieria. The picturesque town, one of the most important tourist resorts in the area, is the most common starting point for mountaineering excursions to the “mountain of the gods”.

Take a tour of the old traditional settlement with its narrow streets and houses of typical Macedonian architecture and the green organized park “Katounia”, where the remarkable Nautical Museum is located.
From the place “Mills”, on the borders of the town, the route starts in the gorge of the river Enipeas. Nearby is the holy city of the Macedonians, Dion. Ancient Dion was the most important place of worship of Zeus, where the Olympian Gods were honored with sacrifices and votive offerings. Here, excavations have uncovered a large fortified ancient city, shrines, theaters, stadiums and cemeteries, documenting the area’s habitation for more than 1,000 years (from the 5th century BC to the 5th century BC). For swimming, prefer the beaches of Variko, Gritsa, Plaka and Stathmos.

Litochoro, Λιτόχωρο
Sani Halkidiki, Σάνη Χαλκιδική

Why Halkidiki?
Because nowhere in Greece can boast beaches like those of Halkidiki!

Beautiful landscapes, Nice people, Hospitality, Experiences that are completed with the smiles of the locals, Crystal clear blue water, Countless islands, Green mountains! And these are just a few of the many things you can enjoy in Greece!

We love this Greece, we support this Greece, We love to introduce you Greece, We love to help you explore Greece!

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