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Expedia survey: Airplane and Hotel Etiquette

The popular travel website Expedia released recently the results of the annual Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study. The outcomes provide remarkable insight concerning the preferences and behaviors of travelers. 

The bad ways of some travelers can drastically reduce the level of satisfaction of the rest, especially in the air traveling and during their staying in a hotel. The THREE most inconvenient elements reported by the travelers being the kickers of the front seat, the passengers without … shoes and the extremely talkative and noisy passengers.

Fear of Flying Course

The new Expedia survey conducted on a sample of 18,000 travelers from all over the world, who have shown the behavior of their holidaymakers who make their holidays … martyrdom.

According to the results, 90% of travelers find it unacceptable for passengers taking their shoes on the flight, with the largest percentage of protests coming from the Americans (75%), who always care to wear socks and shoes.

Also, passengers wearing shoes on flights save space by saving luggage charges, which is particularly important for Americans more than any other nationality (47%).

crying babby in airplane
crying babby in airplane

See what behaviors affect passengers on flights …

  • The passenger kicking the seat (51%)
  • My passenger … smells (43%)
  • Parents who leave their children uncontrollably (39%)
  • Those who violate the personal space of others (34%)
  • Those who cause noise (29%)
  • Those who consume food (14%)
  • Those who do not manage their luggage well (13%
  • Passengers who stretch the arm at the seat armrest (13%)


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