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About Pella

A corner of the land of Macedonia where body, mind and soul are reborn in the embrace of outstanding nature and rich history.

Water, the source of all life, is in constant motion and it is this motion that imparts its beneficial effects on a stunning variety of natural habitats in Pella; in its tranquil lakes, babbling rivers, effervescent waterfalls, not to mention thick, comforting blankets of snow and thermal springs. That’s how it nourishes and refreshes forests and valleys which reward its generosity with a display of immeasurable beauty all year round.

In spring, the rebirth of nature sees the mountains awash with colourful flowers and draped in a ubiquitous green tapestry. The summer offers you great life-affirming gulps of freshness on the lush wooded slopes and in the shade of the fruit trees. In the autumn, the natural colours of the earth perform their wondrous dance before your eyes while in winter, against the backdrop of the snowy mountaintops, wintery sunshine and showers sprinkle their own special brand of magic dust on picturesque white villages. 

Discover the revitalizing, invigorating force that water, the life elixir, offers in all its forms, as you take part in activities in the mountains, rivers, lakes and springs of Pella. Feel rejuvenated in body and soul and get that much needed boost from the bracing energy of the natural world.

Edessa - Vegoritida lake
There is no finer way to experience every aspect of life in majestic Edessa than on foot. Sense the power of nature in the Waterfalls Park and the rivers that cross it. Take a trip back to the years of the Turkish occupation with a walk around Varosi, the Christian neighbourhood with its renovated stately homes, and gaze at the plain which reaches all the way from Psilos Vrahos to the Thermaikos Gulf.

At a close distance from Edessa lies Vegoritida lake, a rare geophysical formation that captivates the senses with an enchanting, colourful visage. Admire many species of bird and fish and take romantic boat trips at an altitude of 600m in a place where you’ll find out what tranquility really means.


The Archaeological Site-Museum
Ancient Pella had been the capital of the Macedonian state since the early 4th century. Excavations have brought to light a well-organized city, an admirable testament to its great history. The new Archaeological Museum at the north east end of the site gives you the chance to reconstruct in your mind’s eye the daily goings-on of the city in its halcyon days. You will experience for yourself the indispensable and lasting legacy of the Macedonian civilization and leave Ancient Pella well and truly under its spell.


Old Agios Athanasios
Built at an altitude of 1200m, at the foot of Mt Voras, this traditional hamlet on the shores of picturesque Lake Vegoritida is a listed site; its stone houses a wonderful example Macedonian architecture at its best. Charming not only in appearance but also in the warmth of its hospitality, you will delight in staying in one of its many guesthouses, wandering its small cobbled streets and soaking up the convivial atmosphere in its cafes. If you require a little more action, you need look no further than the foothills of Voras, where there are opportunities for sightseeing, abseiling, horse riding and archery.


Kaimaktsalan Skiing centre – Voras
Further up Mt Voras, the third highest mountain in Greece, at an altitude of 2,524 m lies the ski centre. Here you will have fun regardless of whether you are a novice or master of the slopes. You can also enjoy a hot beverage gazing at the exceptional view or take a ride on a snowmobile. Fully organized and equipped, it boasts 16 graduated levels of difficulty, suitable for everyone from the beginner to those wishing to hone their more audacious skills on virgin snow.


Loutraki Thermal Springs (Pozar or Aridaia)
At the foot of Mt Voras, in the valley Agios Nikolaos, lie the Pozar thermal springs. The thermal river Toplitsa wells up from crevasses in the rock and forms small waterfalls and natural ponds with the water temperature at a constant 37 degrees. Seize the moment for a complete revitalization at the natural spas of Pozar, famed for healing properties since ancient times. Besides the natural ponds, you have the opportunity to ensconce yourself in private baths filled with spring water. It all boils down to hours of relaxation and rest in a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty.

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