Region: Nikiti - Sithonia - Halkidiki

Nikiti is a natural motoring interchange of the whole peninsula and of Northern-eastern Halkidiki.

Build in a constricted area at 3.000 acres in the entrance of the peninsula of Sithonia. The distance from Polygyros is 36 km and from Thessaloniki 95 km.

The beautiful beaches are harmonically combined with the pine forest. On the North, eastern and western sides there are agriculture areas with endless olive groves.

Nikiti was established during the 14th century with the initial settlement being gathered in the location of the old village.

Before the establishment of the village, the place was a monastery agriculture property. The monks must have been the ones that during the 14th century or earlier built the first temple.

The location where in the 16th century the church of Virgin Mary built which is used as a cemetery temple and is above the church of Agios Nikitas.