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Eco Motion Car Rental is a rental company based in Thessaloniki and a branch in Victory, with the ultimate aim of serving customers in the wider region of Sithonia.

The experienced Eco Motion staff is ready to respond to any car rental service.

Nikiti Office: +302375081364


Ecomotion Car Rental

Our purpose is to offer mind free car rentals with NO HIDDEN CHARGES.
We cover Thessaloniki and Halkidiki with offices in both locations.
We own our cars, there are no middlemen and you are charged with no extra fees.
Our expert personnel is always ready to offer high quality services to cover all your needs.
We hope to be one of the reasons for a perfect vacation in Greece!



You've been here in your dreams...

They say that nowhere in Greece can boast beaches like those of Halkidiki. The region has the perfect combination of that distinctive Greek light, unspoiled landscapes, colours and fragrances. And the glorious natural setting is complemented by the rich culinary fare of the region and the living religious traditions of its people, manifested in a host of feast days and other ceremonies and rituals.

This is a place where all your senses will come to life, whether on the endless expanses of sand of the fashionable, cosmopolitan beaches, or in the intimacy of the many secluded bays and coves. The scent of the pine trees and the salt brine of the sea combine to relax the body and spirit, leaving you at peace to enjoy the grandeur of the regions famed sunrises and sunsets.


Nikiti is a natural motoring interchange of the whole peninsula and of Northern-eastern Halkidiki.

Build in a constricted area at 3.000 acres in the entrance of the peninsula of Sithonia. The distance from Polygyros is 36 km and from Thessaloniki 95 km.

The beautiful beaches are harmonically combined with the pine forest. On the North, eastern and western sides there are agriculture areas with endless olive groves.

Nikiti was established during the 14th century with the initial settlement being gathered in the location of the old village.

Before the establishment of the village, the place was a monastery agriculture property. The monks must have been the ones that during the 14th century or earlier built the first temple.

The location where in the 16th century the church of Virgin Mary built which is used as a cemetery temple and is above the church of Agios Nikitas.



Eco-Motion Car Rental, Toyota Aygo
A Type, Toyota Aygo
Eco-Motion Car Rental, Hyundai i10
A Type, Hyundai i10
Eco-Motion Car Rental, Fiat Panda
B Type, Fiat Panda
Eco-Motion Car Rental, Nissan Micra
B Type, Nissan Micra





Eco-Motion Car Rental, Opel Corsa
C Type, Opel Corsa
Eco-Motion Car Rental, Citroen C3
C Type, Citroen C3
Eco-Motion Car Rental, Suzuki Swift
C Type, Suzuki Swift
Eco-Motion Car Rental, Toyota Yaris
D Type, Toyota Yaris
Eco-Motion Car Rental, Smart ForFour
D Type, Smart ForFour

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