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Palea Poli Boutique Hotel, Naoussa, Imathia

This Deluxe Boutique Hotel is sheltered in a grand building, dated back to 1900 and which in the past used to be a filature factory, processing silk. This Boutique Hotel was renovated in an exemplary way. The owners’ great love, admiration and respect for the local traditional architecture created a unique Deluxe Boutique hotel in the town of Naoussa, which will definitely satisfy even the most demanding guests during their stay. The luxurious and welcoming premises of the Deluxe Boutique Hotel “Palea Poli”, with its awe-inspiring Mid War furnishings recreate the aura of the remarkable past, making guests feeling their heart throbbing to the beat of the old good days in Naoussa. On the ground floor of the building there is a majestic fireplace, near which you will have the chance to taste both our satisfying homemade breakfast and the unique, well–cared dishes of our Modern Greek cuisine, which you can combine with our aromatic, excellent quality local wines from our rich cellar.

Our Boutique Hotel has received numerous awards for its impeccable management, the warmth of its hospitality and the attention lavished on its guests.


  • SUPERIOR ROOM COURTYARD VIEW (Apartment size: 25 m², 2+1 Persons)
  • SUPERIOR ROOM CITY VIEW (Apartment size: 30 m², 2 Persons)
  • SUPERIOR SUITE COURTYARD VIEW (Apartment size: 45 m², 2+2 Persons)
  • SIGNATURE SUITE CITY VIEW (Apartment size: 40 m², 2+1 Persons)
  • EXECUTIVE SUITE-ATTIC (Apartment size: 40 m², 2+1 Persons)

With the freshest of ingredients and home-baked pies, the breakfasts are unforgettable.
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With the freshest of ingredients and home-baked pies, the breakfasts are unforgettable. The traditional cuisine of Naoussa, a living heritage handed down to us today utilizes with mastery local products and the particular characteristics which the mountain climate, soil and environment lend to them. On cold winter mornings ,enjoy breakfast next to the fireplace ,made especially for you, the moment you sit at the table, on the ground floor of “ Palea Poli”, where its restaurant is sheltered.

You can select among our homemade delicious jams and marmalades, made of freshly picked fruit, such as strawberries, apple, orange and plum as well as our rich rice pudding, apple-pie ,the freshly squeezed juice and the aromatic coffee, hot bread ,the traditional “trahana”, local cheeses, sweet crepes and fresh eggs cooked according to your liking. Naoussa's gastronomy is famous for its Macedonian pies, with handmade pastry filled with seasonal goodies, cheese pie, and also 'batsio' -local salty cheese- , spinach pie or sweet pumkin pie. Not to forget the creamy Greek yogurt with local honey.

A new wave of creative chefs is rediscovering regional Greek food taking Greek cuisine to the next level.

The restaurant of the “Palea Poli” presents the true potentials of seasonal and regional ingredients to create a contemporary Greek cuisine that is fresh and playful. The cheeses of Macedonia and rusks of Crete, olive oil from the Peloponnese, and beans and cold cuts from Northern Greece are finally getting the role they deserve in the Greek culinary landscape. Xinomizithra, Grilled beef & lamb with pitta bread are some dishes that present the foundation of our philosophy : Homely and creative Greek cuisine.

A new wave of creative chefs is rediscovering regional Greek food taking Greek cuisine to the next level.

Enter the gate and follow the footpath until you encounter a green canopy of trees, so huge it seems more like a park than a garden.
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The magnificent garden of the deluxe boutique hotel “Palea Poli”, which is an oasis of serenity and peacefulness, is inviting you in the warm summer evenings to enjoy the excellent Modern Greek cuisine or to relax under the stars having your drink in the company of soft music.

Ever since the Midwar era of 1900 mansions, the garden court came to exist as a natural extension of a house – its beating heart where people would eat, drink and be merry for hours.

In appealing , peaceful surroundings, – it doesn’t get more idyllic than this, you will be offered gastronomic experiences which will definitely prove incompetent, whereas you will have the chance to accompany your dish with one of the selected local wines found in our cellar.

The hotel boasts a portfolio of events that cater for any occasion – from lunches, parties, engagements, weddings and baptisms to charity events and business meetings.


Παλαιά Πόλη Boutique Hotel, Νάουσα, Ημαθία

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