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En Chora Vezitsa Guest House

Our guest house is located 30 kilometres from the city of Ioannina, centrally located for all types of activities and levels, where the Vikow Gorge starts.


It is built as an amamphitheatre formation in the lush region of Central Zagori. As you can approach the village, you can enjoy the site of stone built houses which hang in the slope. A large traditional village in the center of Zagori, Vitsa is know for its stunning Epirus mansions, its picturesque and maze like cobbled streets, its numerous churches, its wonderful vitsas overlooking the Boidomatis valley, and the twin arched stone bridge of Missios. Next to the village, the archaeological finds which have been located date back to the 9th century BC, and are testament to the continuous habitation of these imposing mountains.


Our hotel, En Chora Vezitsa is located in the center of the village, in front of the cobblestoned square and the unique 600 year old sycamore tree. From the lobby of our quest house starts the famous Vitsa’s Staircase, which thiw year celebrates jubilee, for the aficionados of hiking, which leads to the fascinating double arced bridge Missios and the magnificent Vikos Gorge.


Unembellished but warm, the décor of our hotel, allows the wood to make a statement, a perfect partner to the traditional Zagori stone, which exuberates warm and hospitable effect. The warm double, triple and four bedroom rooms with a fireplace, the foyer with the large fireplace but also the external cobbled courtyards with the unhindered view of the Vikos Gorge, make it the ideal location for that first romantic weekend, as well as the grand vacations you have planned with your family.


The tastes and recipes in the restaurant of En Chora Vezitsa will remind you of authentic homecooked Greek meals. There is nothing more nutritious and delicious than handmade pies, fresh eggs from our chichen coop, and local meats which are combined in harmony to offer us delicious local dishes of the Zagori cuisine, which is our cuisine.


You can also enjoy our handmade sets with glass of wine or local tsipouro, wheter it be next to the fireplace in winter or under the shade of the imposing 600 year old sycamore tree in the square.


Our philosophy is that all our visitors become one with the area, become part of it... so much that they do not want to go home and return year after year in our quest house and in the same room!!!


Some of the activities which we host include:

  • Hikes of small, medium and large duration for young and old with specific themes (architecture, the bridges, geomorphology, flaura and fauna of the area.
  • Seminars for yoga, pilates, gastronomy, photo workshops, mountain running.
  • Romantic walks for couples with fully equipped pick nick baskets with homemade pies of your liking.


Choose one of the best hotels in Vitsa village, in Zagoria or Zagorochoria!

A different proposal, in one of the most traditional villages of Greece.
The hotel "En Chora Vezitsa" allocates 10 big rooms for 2, 3, and 4 individuals and a luxurious loft, with baths, fireplace and telephone, covered in traditional interior and furnishing, a spacious reception, a lounge with traditional fireplace, a traditional restaurant with fireplace, bar and outdoor spaces and courtyards with magical view in the deep green landscape of Vikos.


Particular attention has given in the internal decoration of hotel with sovereign elements of Stone and timber; the relaxing environment enhances the senses of the visitors and creates atmosphere of peacefulness, happiness and make them escape from the tempo of the modern city life.


"En Chora Vezitsa" Hotel with the warm and traditional environment created by Vasdeki Family, aiming to give to the visitor a sample of the hospitality of Zagoroxoria Villages and let them know the traditional tasted delicacies coming of the inhabitants cookers, including all the species of tasty pies, local tidbits and sweets, local wines and sea bream, all made of genuine ingredients of the region of mountain named Pindos.


The specific location of the hotel renders it as a base to make it possible for the visitor to start from it and visit the hole area, mountain Pindos and the greatness of unique ravine of Vikos, as ravine of Vikos route starts from the area of "En Chora Vezitsa" Hotel.


Hotel facilities

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Fireplace
  • Reception
  • Free wifi

Room facilities

  • Fireplace
  • Bathroom
  • TV
  • View to mountain
  • Free wifi
  • Fridge
  • Heating


Vasdeki Family is waiting to offer you the local hospitality of Zagorochoria, one of the most traditional destinations in Greece.


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