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The Clouds (NEFELES) – Aristophanes – SUMMER TOUR

“The Clouds” (Nefeles) of Aristophanes were presented at the Great Dionysia in 423 BC. The story is about the adventure of an “everyday man,” Strepsiades, who is trying to get rid of his debts.

Aristophanes by “The Clouds” is selecting as an object of attention the Sophists, who in the 5th century BC presented themselves as enlighteners and earned a living teaching rhetoric to the young people of that specific period.
Aristophanes believed that the new ideas of the Sophists were leading the young to challenge old values and an Athenian democracy in decline.


Initially, Strepsiades tries to persuade his well-paid son, Fidippidis, who is the cause of his debts, to attend Socrates’ tutorial, hoping that he will be able to defend himself in court by saving the creditors. When he refuses, he decides – in spite of his age – to study himself.

Director: Dimitris Karantzas

Actors: Giorgos Gallos (Strespiades), Nikos Karathanos (Socrates), Aeneas Tsamatis (Phidippides), Karyofillia Karabeti (Fair speech), Theodora Tzimou (Unsolicited speech), Christos Loulis (Lancet A), Yannis Kleinis (Lancet II), Panos Papadopoulos (Disciple A), Panagiotis Exarchas (Disciple 2), Dance of the Clouds: Alexandra Aidini, Evdoxia Androulidaki, Panagiotis Exarchis, Karyofyllia Karampetti, Giannis Kleinis, Emily Koliannis, Christos Loulis, Panos Papadopoulos, Elina Rizou, Theodora Tzimou.

Summer tour stations



  • Friday 02/08 – Saturday 03/08
  • Wednesday 28/08
    Piraeus Theater Veakio


  • Wednesday 04/09
    Vrilissia Theater Aliki Vougiouklaki
  • Thursday 05/09
    Papagou Gardens Theater
  • Friday 06/09
    Herodes Atticus
  • Saturday 07/09
    Petroupolis Theater of Petra
  • Sunday 08/09
    Ilioupoli public Theater Alsos D. Kintis
  • Tuesday 10/09
    Vyronas Theater of the Rocks


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