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Tasos Patisserie established 1977. A modern cafe-pastry shop in the center of Panorama of Thessaloniki

The traditional flavors and the pleasant environment are preserved until today and our desire remains to offer you fresh flavors and delicious options, savory and sweet.

Try the flavors for which you distinguish us, such as triangles, profiteroles and Armenovil ice cream.

Combine your breakfast with coffee and hot handmade delicacies, your lunch or dinner at our place with good company and drink.

You can also request your Take Away order.

Discover handmade, fresh delicacies, such as pies, peinirli and pizzas, from the morning until the evening.

Tasos Patisserie Sweets

The history of Tassos patisserie is characterized by the Triangles of Thessaloniki and Armenoville, which we prepare in our laboratory and serve with chocolate sauce!

Our friends tell us that our profiteroles stand out and everything that includes our creme patisserie.

Whether you like chocolate flavors, or you prefer something more fruity or creamy, you have so many options that we will definitely satisfy your appetite.

You can choose between pastes, milfei, cheesecake, stuffed and chocolate covered buns, stuffed cookies, eclairs and many more options.

We prepare all the flavors of ice cream and we have provided options for people with diabetes.

You can sit at a table or Take Away.


You can try our pies, our pies, our peinirli and our pizzas. Different flavors for every appetite and all handmade in our workshop.

Sit at our tables or Take Away.

You can request our pies frozen and bake them yourself at any time.

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  • Tasos Patisserie, Trigona Panoramatos, Thessaloniki
  • +306907798620
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