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Olicatessen is a modern Greek grocery store situated at the heart of the oldest commercial neighborhood in the center of Thessaloniki.  We source products of Greek artisan producers from all regions of Greece. Have created for you a basket of what contemporary Greece has to offer.

Here you will find the product wealth of Greece:

The widest selection of quality extra virgin or early harvest olive oils in all sizes and packaging from every corner of the country.

  • Olives either naturally processed or organichoney from the Peloponnese, Halkidiki and Kastoria
  • Traditional sweets with or without sugar
  • Tahini from Lemnos
  • Peanut butter from Serres
  • Original chutneys and special jams
  • Traditional handmade pasta and traditional products of Pontos
  • Legumes, herbs, spices.

You will also find a variety of pastries, spreads, mustards, vinegars and balsamic creams. Cereals, wines and spirits. Selected cheeses, cold cuts etc. Nut milks, herbal teas. Fruit juices, biscuits and bread sticks. Variety of salts, and a great selection of organic and health foods.

In addition to the food products, you will find a large and wonderful selection of natural skin care and bath products, all with great aromas and beautiful packaging.

Are you looking for some special and unique presents to take along?

At Olicatessen you will find a large selection of pottery in all sorts of warm and organic colors that comes in several shapes and sizes as well as handmade olivewood homeware.

The shops daily hit is the delicious crispy baguettes stuffed with ingredients from the store’s fridge made every morning. Fresh yoghurt with jams from the shelves and freshly made cereal bars.

Olicatessen, A culinary tour of Thessaloniki

To take a culinary tour of Thessaloniki is to discover a city of contrasts. It’s a place where tradition and innovation are found in equal measure. Tavernas serving classic dishes sit comfortably alongside modern bistros, with inventive chefs twisting time-honoured recipes. You’ll discover everything from fine dining to brunch eateries to street food. And when we say street food, we don’t just mean souvlaki. We’re talking all manner of ethnic influences.

And don’t forget the locals’ penchant for something sweet. Traditional or modern? Doesn’t matter. If it’s dipped in syrup and covered in cream, chopped nuts or melted chocolate (or all three), you’ll know you’re in Thessaloniki.

Hello Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki City Walking Tour

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