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Tessera Piperia Restaurant, Thessaloniki

Put Tessera Piperia (Four Peppers) in Your Life!

They say that if you see red pepper in your sleep, a rich companion is provided for you. If, again, you see that you are grinding black pepper, it means that you must beware of the cunning of deceitful people.

We say that if you see Four Peppers - when you are awake - it means that you will eat and drink richly!

The most "peppery" meetings take place at the restaurant Tessera Piperia in Toumpa.

Where the modern meets the traditional and the warm environment meets the pioneering flavors.

Put some pepper in your life!

If you are looking for impressive gastronomic compositions, get ready to experience the ultimate gastronomic experience at Tessera Piperia.

Here, the unique creations pique the interest of those who choose them and become indelible taste memories. Exquisite seafood and meat flavors that are triggered by culinary passion! Dishes made with taste and fresh ingredients.

Try the Flat Iron Beef comb 550gr with celery root cream and baby carrots, for an explosion of flavors on the palate! The best meats in unique recipes!

If you are hungry for seafood, undoubtedly the fresh salmon, cooked in black tagliatelle with shrimp and fennel in tsikoudia cream, is a unique choice! The same, of course, of the fish of the day that take care to get very fresh for your table.

Whatever flavors you prefer, the sure thing is that you will fall in love with their new menu with the first… bite!

The best ingredients, the experienced staff and the friendly service make the modern tavern Tessera Piperia the ideal meeting point in the city.

A wonderful tasty trip, with delicious dishes, updated wine cellar to accompany them, smiling staff in a warm and welcoming environment.

Small groups, family gatherings and big events can be hosted in this beautiful and pleasant place, with impeccable service and affordable prices.

The whole team is waiting for you to prove to you that a visit to the Tessera Piperia is never enough.

Enjoy unique flavors and drink to the health of the unique memories you will create here!

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