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Ntangkara. The new gastronomic bar of Thessaloniki

In Florina, when they are having a good time, the situation is "Ntangkara", something similar to our urban "good phase". Around this word of the Macedonian slang that includes for years the strong moments of friends in the daily life of western Macedonia, the new gastronomic bar of the city was set up in Thessaloniki.

Somehow, the Macedonian traditional recipes came to life in the hands of young talented people and the northern Helladic wines found their place in the setting of our favorite neighborhood of Rotonda.

At number 7 of Agios Georgios Square, in the shadow of the eternal monument, where he grew up, Babis, owner of Ntangkara, as he confesses, came to Thessaloniki at the age of 18 from Florina, he wanted to set up a whole situation - driven by the essence of the word - and not yet another bar resto. Once the right space has been vacated that could accommodate what was envisioned, he did so by recruiting his people. So Ntangkara recently opened its doors, promising to give Thessaloniki countless identical names.

Entering your gaze will steal the impressive floor in a pattern reminiscent of the designs of the magnificent past of Macedonian architecture of historic mansions. The space is minimal and at the same time warm, with industrial elements that harmonize perfectly with the urban landscape around the square, in which you have unobstructed views due to the large windows along the entire gastro bar.

Under the sounds of blues or rebetiko - depending on the mood - you will sit at one of his comfortable tables or you will be led to his skillfully large bar and you will hold the card in your hands. And somewhere here begins the main reason why you are here, for which, as you will realize, you will often return from now on. His strong kitchen!

The basic philosophy is locality. Since we are talking about traditional cuisine in modern situations, all the raw materials on which the dishes of his card are based, come from Northern Greece.

Another key factor, important to create the menu, is seasonality. Don't look for tomatoes in the winter or political salad in the summer. But look for all those fresh ingredients of our country's small producers that reach the hands of Ntangkara chefs and are transformed into the ultimate experience for the palate.

So here at this time you will be moved by the interesting menu signed by George Katakalidis. From the spicy salad with pickled raisins, walnuts and red pepper Florina dressing to the grilled beetroot with garlic feta sauce, dill oil and hazelnut clump.

And from the gorgeous mushrooms to pea cream with spicy Bachovi pepper pickle and spices to the Prespa giant beans in oven with "tzoumperiges" and fried onion flakes. The first dishes that arrive at your table will wake up your taste for good.

You will continue tasting his famous - yes, they are already being discussed - crispy pies with pasturma, Sochos cheese, sun-dried tomato pesto and yogurt with smoked paprika and the kavourma with greens, smoked egg eye and "anevato" of Grevena.

Look for the delicious beef tongue on the grill with the aromatic lemon oil, the wild mushroom soil and fresh garlic powder. Try the divine simmered baked pancetta with mountain herbs, Florin pepper chutney, sesame seeds and french fries.

Now if you love fish, enjoy smoked trout with roasted potato salad, pickled tomatoes, broken almonds, spring onions, paprika oil and herbs. The delicious Northern Greek flavors with modern touches will be wonderfully accompanied by the exceptionally selected house wines and not only, but also tsipouro and other unique drinks from small producers and favorite labels from Northern Greece.

Another element that we liked is the idea of a comfortable wide wooden bar. In which, in addition to the fact that you can obviously drink your drink, you have the opportunity to choose to enjoy your favorite dishes there.

In Ntangkara, the flavors from the past of our country are intertwined in a gastronomic supernova with the present of modern gastronomy in Thessaloniki. In a new place where the "good phase" of Thessaloniki meets the "Ntangkara" of slang in western Macedonia, tastefully, audibly, visually and in any other hidden - perhaps - sense we have.

Go, live it!


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