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Rouga Traditional Tavern with Live Music, Thessaloniki

The award-winning tavern "Rouga" in Thessaloniki, since 1999 and with a family tradition, offers you exquisite and familiar flavors of Greek cuisine.

In the city center, at 28 Karypi Street, you can visit it daily and enjoy wonderful dishes, such as unique zucchini meatballs, bougiurdi, clay moussaka, octopus wine, handmade dolmadas, and even more to choose from.

In the warm and family atmosphere of the tavern "Rouga" in Thessaloniki you can have fun enjoying your meal, with live music every day except Monday.

Rouga Traditional Tavern, Reviews
The setting is gorgeous in a little side street with fun characters adorning the second stories of the surrounding buildings. Primarily, the bread arrives warm and is soft and doughy and delicious. To start we had the dolmas, the fava bean dip, and the sheep cheese with tomato jam. It's clear the ingredients are fresh and the dishes are prepared lovingly. For our main courses we had the vegan moussaka, the shrimp saganaki, and lamb kleftiko. Special shout outs go to the warm dolmas - perfectly lemony and served with a yoghurt dip, and the kleftiko which is melt in the mouth. The staff are excellent here and attentive. Wish we'd found this on our first night in thessaloniki rather than our last!
Tess R, United Kingdom

Worth a visit
Very nice food, great location, great atmosphere, good service. I like to order in every Greek restaurant Greek salad, moussaka, and tzatziki. I love the diversity and how it is different in every place. At rouge, The moussaka is excellent. It is served in an individualized ceramic dish, freshly made in a skillful fashion. I also liked the zucchini balls. The restaurant is situated in a beautiful alley and on weekend night the atmosphere is gorgeous.
Adi_Pundak_Mintz, Tel Aviv, Israel
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  • Rouga Traditional Tavern with Live Music, Thessaloniki
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