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Les Zazous Fine dining Restaurant, Thessaloniki

In one of the most beautiful parts of the seafront in the east of the city, Les Zazous welcomes us at all hours.
From the first moment we have the feeling that we are somewhere else, far from daily obligations, noises and stress.

The view of the sea calms us down and we are ready to enjoy our coffee, breakfast or brunch and later, in such a tasteful environment, our meal and our drink.

An impressive space, ideal for friendly as well as business meetings, whether you choose the outside or the inside bar, depending on the season and the moment, or the living room with its tasteful decorative touches forming the right setting to enjoy the menu suggestions.

Enjoy your coffee or a hot chocolate as well as the signature cocktails recommended by Les Zazous bartenders. The menu is divided into two categories, the brunch which you can enjoy every day from 10:00 – 18:00 and the menu for your lunch or dinner with the kitchen working from 13:00.

The brunch has several options with eggs, to be enjoyed as you wish, and is complemented by savory and sweet pancakes, energy bowls with yogurt, fruit, cereals and nutritious seeds and sandwiches to cover different preferences for breakfast.

The rest of the menu includes comfort food suggestions with salads, pasta dishes, pizza, Black Angus Burgers as well as casual options in the main courses with Parmesan-crusted pork chop, Τikka Μasala chicken and fish fillets, such as salmon, sea bass, tuna surrounded by vegetables and sauces that highlight them deliciously.

A special category is the premium cuts that are complemented by delicious siders, highlighting the flavors and technique of the dishes as a whole. You can choose filet, bavette, flat iron, rib eye or a T-bone steak along with a garnish of your choice.

Also, an excellent idea to complete your meal or to accompany your coffee or other drink at any time are the sweets in the catalog. Pavlova, Parfait Armenovil, Deconstructed Caramel Cheesecake, Chocolate Tart and Weirwood tree are the temptations, which you don't have to resist, just surrender to their enjoyment.

At Les Zazous they also take care of those who want to accompany their drink with something delicious with a bar-menu that includes appetizers and a variety of finger food. However, the entire menu is served in every part of the store and not only in the restaurant.

Sushi daily
A special part of the menu is the sushi that is served every day and goes well with cocktails or wine for a complete dining experience with a view of the sea. Combinations of various ingredients and types of sushi such as Nigiri, Norimaki, Inside Out give an exotic tone to the table and invite us to try.

The wine list could not be left behind and includes many choices from the Greek and international vineyard with different varieties, so that you can compose an excellent taste result of food and wine flavors.

Les Zazous is a complete proposal that manages to serve us perfectly depending on the moment and our mood. Of course, there are also events with dj sets and live performances.

Les Zazous Fine Dining Restaurant in Thessaloniki

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