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The Best of Greece – Tour and Tasting


Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 10 euro / person
Group size: up to 8 people


A tour you should not miss!  Greece at its best!

A tour through the most important culinary treasures of Greece. Discover the rich culinary traditions of Greece. Be exposed to traditional, innovative and most important food products that the Greek land has to offer. Learn their characteristics and their history.

Special indigenous varieties of olive oils and olives, honeys from different regions of Greece, organic products, vegetarian gourmet selections from small producers, special PDO products such as Chios mastic and saffron from Kozani, fava beans, etc. You will be nicely surprised by the great variety of locally harvested herbs and herbal teas, the quality of local pasta products, as well as the traditional kourabies (powder sugar cookies to die for), baklava and “vanilla submarines”. Local tahini and nut butter products are also featured!


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