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Astro Nights Tour in Thessaloniki


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Astro Nights Tour in Greece: the Starry sky experience at the best observing locations

Astrotours in Greece is the best way to explore the beauty of the sparkling stars in the night sky. We have created Astrotours in Greece, guided journeys to the stars and planets, for small groups so anyone can live this amazing Astronomy experience. There are many ways to enjoy the stars, but the best of them is to explore the night sky with our modern Telescope.

For Astro tours in Greece we are always looking for places with the best sky observing conditions. These conditions are light-pollution absence, altitude, ease of access, safety and natural beauty. We call such places “dark sky places”. At these locations we can gaze at the sparkling stars and the constellations in an unprecedented way. We can also observe through our telescope the most distant objects in our galaxy like planets, star clusters and nebulas.

To let you share this experience with us, we have created a guided Astronomy activity, we call Astro tour. Each Astro tour has a duration of one hour. It takes place in choosen locations we call dark sky places. There, we are setting up our modern telescope and our guide is taking you to a journey through space and time.

Due to the rotation of the Earth, no Astro tour is the same with one other. As the Earth rotates so the sky is also changing and we are always observing the highlights of each night sky. Those can be the moon, planets, stars and star clusters.

During each Astro tour our guide will provide you with plenty of information about the objects beeing observed. But Astro tour is not only about atsronomy. After all we are in Greece the birth place of Astronomy. Therefore our guide will also give you information about the Greek roots of Astronomy and the ancient Greek Astronomers. As a result, at the end of each Astro tour you are taking home with you unforgetable memories and experiences.

The Greek landscape has many dark sky places to offer. We have discovered and chosen such locations, where we can offer you unique guided stargazing and star observing experiences.


Astro-night in Livadi
Enjoy 60 to 90 minutes  –  under the starry sky, observing through a modern Telescope with the guidance of a local Astronomer. We call this experience an Astro-night. For this Astro-night we will go to Livadi, Thessaloniki which is a dark sky location where you can see the stars and observe the planets, star clusters and nebulas unobstructed from the city lights. During the observation our guide will give you plenty of information about the use of the telescope and the objects being observed, the ancient Greek roots of Astronomy and the Greek astronomers.


Observing the Moon in Trilofos
Observing the Moon with a Telescope and the guidance of a local Astronomer is a unique experience. We will show you the lunar craters and marias in all their details.

Astro Nights Tour in Greece: the Starry sky experience at the best observing locations

Your tour will be a life time experience!!!



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Trilofos, Livadi


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