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Oct 18
The Beauty Of Melnik And Melnik Pyramids – One Of Favourite Places in Bulgaria

The Beauty Of Melnik. “What could we write about Melnik, besides the food and wine – everyone is coming here mostly to eat and drink”You can see many wonderful places besides places to eat and drink. Melnik might be a tiny town but with incredible history and interesting places. Well, we will of course tell […]

Oct 18
Baba Vanga. Who is blind mystic?

LOOK INTO THE FUTURE Who is Baba Vanga? List of predictions for the blind mystic, from Brexit to World War 3 and the 2018 Russian election Baba Vanga was known as “Nostradamus from the Balkans” – and she’s still making predictions beyond the grave. The prophecies of a blind woman from Bulgaria have been used […]