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Mondo Raffinato Cafe Bar in Trikala

People condemn habits. But everyone is looking for them! They need to live in a sweet habit! Which they are familiar, they feel intimate, that makes them happy, communicate, meet friends and smiling faces.


One such sweet habit is Asklipiou Street in Trikala. For generations the passage and the hangout of the inhabitants of this city are entire. Asclepius coffees have their own way, they are the "eyes" and "ears" of this road! Station and port for many years now is Mondo. Our steps lead us there. Mondo Raffinato is our world, our walk, our fun, our meeting with friends!


This is the Mondo with many faces, like the "World" borrowed its name. It looks fresh and it is! He makes sure to keep the details alive, cute little "treasures" that we enjoy with our coffee, our drinks and that appetite for his delicious dishes at the best prices in town! Fine dishes! Tasteful sandwiches, fresh season salads and a cold menu complete with fresh ingredients!


Gastronomic, a feast before the final ... sin! The frozen banana with ice cream or the sweet surprise of the day! Oh, we love this Mondo environment, the raffinato! This old, beautiful habit! We turn, we change, we wander, we taste and we taste, but we don't change our habits! They are fixed values, unchanging in time, because we know well that every wander has a final destination!


And this is Mondo! Not a supplement to our daily lives is a part of the city! It is our daily life! Whether in a fragrant coffee or a glass of crushed ice or a tasty dish ... Welcome to Mondo Raffinato in Trikala!


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