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Trikala City & Meteora – Central Greece

An ideal all year round destination, Trikala guarantees a medley of authentic experiences. European spirit in the heart of the Greek countryside- to satisfy even the most “restless” of travellers.

A history stretching back centuries and a thoroughly modern European swagger.

Here in the homeland of the iconic doctor of antiquity, Asclepius, a veritable treasure trove of cultural attractions await you.

That perfect selfie with a jaw-dropping panorama in the frame may be all the encouragement you need to make the climb to the town’s medieval fortress. However, once at the top you cannot help but be bowled over by the aura of the building itself. The clock tower in the east, stubbornly defiant in the face of a considerable pummeling over the centuries, now makes a more sedate vantage point from which to enjoy beautiful sunsets.

A leisurely stroll around the town reveals the ornate architectural style of the famed stately homes, as well as the older churches in the districts of Varousi and Palia Manavika, all commanding your undivided attention. And should you work up an appetite, the surrounding taverns and café-bars are a tempting proposition.

From the heart of this verdant landscape, emerges a remarkable industrial monument; the Matsopoulos Park and Mill, the first flour and pasta producing factory in Greece. An imposing stone-clad structure, it will take you on a trip back to the days when mechanized production was taking its first tentative steps.

Just as you are dreaming of a couple of centuries ago, you will come across a reminder of Greece’s ancient past at the Trikala Asclepeion. The next stop is Koursoum Mosque, a source of inspiration as one of the best preserved mosques on Greek soil. Finally, the “Kliafa” Centre of History and Culture guarantees a front row seat for a dazzling display of exhibits.

Nature combined with the urban landscape

Whether you have a romantic rendezvous or a quiet walk with a view of the Lithaios River in mind, the pedestrianized Bridge of Trikala is a cherished spot. The “green jungle” on the hill of Prophetes Helias is a surprise sweetened by the fact that it is so close to the city, while in the neighbouring zoo you will get nature with an exotic spin as kangaroos, lamas and deer lead the line-up!

Near-by destinations

Kalampaka – Meteora
Pillars of rock, sculpted by prehistoric rivers and crowned by otherworldly monasteries, monuments to the power of faith. Meteora means “suspended in space”. Your first, second and  third sight of these impossibly tall, vertical rocks will have you gasping in disbelief. But it’s not just the incredible geology that stretches your imagination. It’s the monasteries balanced on these pinnacles. How did they get there? The monks who built them were the original rock climbers, lifting the materials up with pulleys, nets and their bare hands.

Activities within the area

Skiing, Snow boarding, Mountaineering, Hiking, Paragliding, Climbing, Mountain bike riding, Off road courses with jeeps

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