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Scientists from foreign universities will visit Paros from 28 to 30th of June

Meeting Center for Scientists from Universities Abroad will be held from 28 to 30 June by Paros hosting a symposium organized by Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada.

The main idea of ​​the symposium is the contribution of the Greeks in all branches. Speakers – qualified professors from universities in Canada, USA, Russia, South Africa, Britain and Greece – come from all areas of research.

According to the organizers, the selection of the venue of the Symposium, to be held at the Poseidon Conference Center, was based on the following reasoning:

“To study the Greeks, we thought we should be in Greece – a place of endless possibilities, rich in history and blessed with natural beauty. We chose Paros because, like all the Cycladic islands, it is a magical destination with stunning views. The mountains that are kissed by the sun, surrounded by blue waters and easily accessible by air or boat through Athens. The people of Paros are more hospitable and determined to allow visitors to make each day more refreshing than the last. “

To clarify, the meeting will be addressed by the mayor Markos Kovaios, who underlined in a statement that “this organization is in harmony with the municipality’s policy of attracting scientific and professional conferences that meet the objective of qualitative upgrading of the island’s tourism.

It is included in the strategy followed, even in the contacts made at the international fairs, both by the Tourism Committee and by the consultancy company of the municipality, which also had the final conciliation with the organizers. “


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