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A new addition to the focus area in Larisa is the reason for the first text of this column. "PRASSEIN ALOGA", a small but elegant space that helps you get rid of your daily routine and relax. Whether you are enjoying a glass of wine or a whole meal, you are sure to not be disappointed at all!

PRASSEIN ALOGA. Different and unique flavors are its menu, which is comprehensive, with many choices.

The appetizers are delicious and suitable for a glass of wine, or a bottle, depending on how difficult your day is! Their meat is tasty and quality. Their pasta however. (We highly recommend their risotto as a foodie !!!)

Let's go to the wines. Shall I put a glass to say it? A good collection to close your day, or take a break to recharge your batteries. And after enjoying your meal ... the appetizer comes! His sweets ... Wonderful balance, without losing you. Best closure after a delicious meal!

And let's not forget an important variable that a restaurant can throw or upload. The service. The staff are welcoming, friendly, and provide the best service possible from the moment they greet you, to the time they greet you.


Larisa. A “sweet” city amongst green dunes and imposing mountains
In the region of Thessaly, a capital city lies surrounded by lush valleys, and some of the most imposing mountains in Greece.

Larisa, with a population of approximately 130,000 residents, is a city where ancient history and long tradition in agriculture meet the modern way of living.

To the north and east, Kamvounia mountains, Titaros, Olympus (with the highest mountain peak in Greece reaching 2,917m.), Ossa (or Kissavos) and Mavrovouni form a natural enclave. Here the micro-climatic conditions create an ideal wild life habitat.

The soil of the area is also exceptionally fertile: cotton, grains, watermelon, melon, tobacco, vegetables, wine and tsipouro are only some of this land’s agricultural products.

Larissa is also the centre of the economic activity in Thessaly with an ongoing development in industry, as well as the service sector.

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