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Ella Greek Cooking

The gastronomic map of the city has acquired a new spot that promises to offer you unique culinary experiences! The restaurant Ella Greek Cooking!

In Greek mythology, Ella (Greek: Ἕλλα) was the daughter of Athamas and Nephele. The name may be a cognate with Hellas (Greek: Ἑλλάς), the Greek name for Greece!

Our restaurant is situated in the city center of Athens, in the area of Syntagma. It is a family-owned business established in 2018. In this newly renovated building, we are delighted to welcome you all hours of the day! In the menu, you will find unique options for coffee, brunch, lunch, dinner and our unique wines, with choices from Greek and international vineyards!

In a friendly and warm environment, we cook for you with fresh ingredients unique Greek recipes, enriched with fresh notes, in tasteful compositions that will remain unforgettable and will change your expectations from what has so far been described as “homemade” food! With our passion for authentic Greek food and our great love for the purest ingredients, we offer unique culinary experiences!

The undoubted combination of best quality ingredients and great experience created this creative synthesis of restaurant and delicatessen! Our primary goal is to offer tasteful and high-quality meals to our customers. By combining the traditional Greek recipes with international ideas we create dishes that tastefully blend Greek and modern cuisine offering exclusive Mediterranean flavours.

Welcome to Ella Greek Cooking!

It’s not true that Ella fell (Elli was called by the Ionians) from the golden ram as she passed over the sea (Pontos, which was named after her as Ellispontos).
She arrived over the coasts of the East early afternoon.
At that hour, the Asian Minor housewives were cooking.
A gentle breeze brought the smells of the cooking and Ella was longed.
In Thebes, at her home as a little girl, always honored the spirits of Mother Earth by cooking.
And it seemed that she had a lot to learn and teach.
So she told in the ram to stand and went down.
Frixos, as frugal and a bit of a rush, moved further.
But Ella stayed there, to unite with her name and her knowledge the lands and cook the works of Eirini (Peace), for the joy of the people.

The menu is produced under the care of talented chef Nena Ismirnoglou. Inspired from the Greek tradition she composes recipes based on fresh seasonal products. The new Ella Greek Cooking menu is ready to offer you unique flavors.

The famous chef Nena Ismirnoglou creates dishes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with modern techniques. The imaginative flavors inspired by the chef have a Greek essence with emphasis on the quality of the raw ingredients.
Pies, salads, and seafood make up the most delicious welcome! A unique tasty choice is the delicious grilled meat! At Ella Greek Cooking you will taste unique products from our delicatessen. With new ideas and a fresh menu, able to offer you the most delicious walk in Athens, the renewed menu from Ella Greek Cooking comes to surprise us with its new dishes with pure Greek products!


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