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Cityzen Wine Bar Restaurant

How much view you can fit in your eyes?
Cityzen Wine Bar Restaurant overlooks the city of Serres with the confidence that the best view of the city offers. It was time for the city's unique peak next to the remnants of a glorious time to come into life again and give a new flavor to our days and nights. The city's "orphan" watchtower was baptized and now is the best haunt of the city. "Cityzen" ensures that the city's amazing view is accompanied by quality of serve.

Cityzen's Chef Nikos Pournazis suggests you try:
• Cool iceberg salad with grilled vegetables and yogurt dressing.
• Fried rice with pork tenderloin, vegetables, mushrooms and soy sauce.
• Pork steak stuffed with crushed apple, grilled vegetables and apple sauce.

Always with good wine from Serraic land, red, white or rose.

For coffee lovers, Cityzen's special offer includes a double dose of espresso cappuccino and vanilla ice cream ball ... For those looking for smoothies separately, the flavor of pistachio ice cream with cherry syrup will guarantee them! Cocktails could not be missed from Cityzen's well-informed bar. Sweet kisses & city cocktail for summer nights (and not only) with a tropical scent ... After all, what does "Cityzen" mean? View and quality in an "orgasm" of flavors ...

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  • Cityzen Wine Bar Restaurant, Serres
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