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Nov 04
Paleochristian and Byzantine Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is an open museum!

Jul 04
Thessaloniki in the World’s Greatest Places 2022

Thessaloniki is at the same time historic and avant-garde

Apr 15
Palea Kavala Trail, hidden paradise!

A gorgeous set of waterfalls nestled among perennial trees

Apr 05
Thessaloniki “travels” with National Geographic

As a city with a history of thousands of years

Apr 23
Naoussa, The alternative travel destination, Northern Greece

Naoussa, Northern Greece Sorry…no beaches! But you won’t miss them in Naoussa! The alternative travel destination with something for everyone all year round A legendary vintage The wine with classical originsNaoussa rests on the foothills of the Vermio Mountains where Dionysus, the god of wine himself dwelt. He or the ancient Greeks perceived something about […]

Feb 23
6 Enchanting Summer Destinations in Northern Greece

6 Enchanting Summer Destinations in Northern Greece Six famous destinations in Northern Greece Give another dimension to summer vacations. Come and meet them up close, starting from the northeastern tip of the country. 1. Alexandroupolis Built on the shores of the Thracian Sea, in a central position, Alexandroupolis is a privileged center of a truly […]