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It is one of the oldest buildings in Lefkada. With his blue shutters he watches the sun set in the lagoon and dreams of traveling. His own journey began 6 years ago when Panagiotis, Antonis and Spyros decided to make their dream come true. An all day bar that would compete with several of the best bars all over the world. They find a "home" for their dream in this magnificent neoclassical building of 1920 and named it "Xartes" (Maps) as they traveled to many areas to gather material and make their dream come true.

The dominant feature in the "Xartes" (Maps) is the insistence on premium products, the right techniques, the respect for the raw materials. "We exchange recipes with the best bars, we make many visits to Greece and abroad to end up with drinks and cocktails, we place great emphasis on specialized equipment", says Panagiotis, one of the three owners-friends.

The "Xartes" (Maps) open from 8 in the morning and fill you up with a delicious breakfast and cold brew coffee (you will find 4 options in blends). If you are hungry then, there are nice sandwiches, salads, savory and sweet pancakes (in chocolate / praline / bueno / snickers versions).

The real, restless soul that this hangout has, however, makes its majestic appearance from sunset onwards, when the time has come for summer cocktails and cool drinks. In the catalog you will find 14 fixed signature cocktails, while every week another 6 are presented, through the theme nights that are organized. So, every Friday of summer has its own themed cocktails and this means that again new, different and strange cocktails will succeed. From Mexican cocktails (based on tequila) and Tiki cocktails (based on rum), to… molecular! In the latter case, your mojito will come in the form of a gel or a ball. In other news, do not forget to try the classic cocktails by "Xartes" (Maps) that bring upside down what you knew, discoloring well-known ingredients and giving a different texture to others. Do not be surprised if the strawberry daiquiri you ordered comes as transparent as water… It is just one of the magic that happens in this Lefkada bar.

There in the "Xartes" (Maps), nothing is left to chance, so all the accompaniments that come with the drink for a snack are one and the same. Instead of the usual nuts, you will find white grapes with pumpkin seeds and parmesan or caramelized pineapple with drops of white chocolate and bacon soil.

Yes, you will not find anything you usually find in the forgotten bars of the Ionian Sea. But ""Xartes" (Maps) is not an ordinary bar. This is what you would like to have in your city as well.

Spelling of Xartes (Hartes), meaning: Maps

Lefkada, Ionian Sea

A jewel of an island, with dense forests, cosmopolitan charm and famous beaches.
You’re bound to have seen photographs of Lefkada’s world-renowned beaches. But when you arrive, you’ll quickly realise that it is even better in real life. Lefkada or Lefkas is easily accessible, hospitable and lively. A recipe for the perfect summer holiday in the Ionian Sea. Kathisma, Egremni, Porto Katsiki – the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean – have won international acclaim and are awarded annually with Blue Flags.

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, scuba diving, flights in a prop plane, horseback riding, mountain biking, sailing around the surrounding islets like Skorpios… there is no end to the activities and sports on offer here. You’ll explore the island, stay at luxurious or quaint and traditional hotels, eat at restaurants on the water. The welcoming Lefkada town will invite you to savour its culture by walking its alleyways, listening to its folk songs, enjoying bowls of Englouvi lentils on the feast day of Agios Donatas and meeting the famous bouranelous, the city dwellers for whom many angling is still their major hobby. – Immerse yourself in Lefkada’s magical world.

Xartes All Day Coffee & Coctail Bar, Lefkada

Χάρτες All Day Coffee & Coctail Bar στη Λευκάδα

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