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Kyra Frosini - Spuntino | The haunt you MUST visit!

When you hear the word Ioannina ... many things come to your mind. The Castle, the old town, the nightlife, the Clock, the Lake Pamvotida and… Kyra Frosini.


Cafe "Kyra Frosini" is a landmark for Ioannina as it combines incredible views of the lake, excellent quality coffee and ... amazing view. And speaking of views, we literally mean NEXT to the lake. And speaking for view, we literally mean in front of the lake.
Also there you can enjoy your beer or your drink, special drinks and a variety of snacks.


Right next to Kyra Frosini is the Italian Restaurant SPUNTINO. There you can taste delicious Italian seafood dishes. Fresh authentic Italian PASTA, delicious PIZZA, savory pastries as well as meat dishes.


Do not forget that the lake is constantly ... at your feet.
When you travel to Ioannina, visit Kyra Frosini and SPUNTINO to relax and our staff will take care of the rest!

Ideal time: Late in the afternoon to enjoy the sun diving into the lake!


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Lake Pamvotis: a 20,000-year-old attraction!
City life revolves around this romantic, silver-grey lake. Get to know it by strolling along its banks, taking a boat ride, fishing, rowing, or having a drink or a bite on the lakefront. According to geologists at Cambridge University, it was formed between 20,000 and 26,000 years ago.

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