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Katarraktes Cafe Bar Restaurant!
Close your eyes, meet our flavours, taste our coffee and cocktails, let us make your day!

The best place to relax after visiting katarraktes of Edessa is Katarraktes Cafe Bar Restaurant! Drink your coffee or join a unique meal by gazing the Katarraktes!


About Edessa: A city with waterfalls, plane trees and water nymphs
Follow the Edesseos River, also known as the Botha, and its tributaries flowing through this Macedonian town. You’ll discover seven waterfalls, but one in particular will stick in the mind. Famous Keranos drops 70m among plane trees that were seeded centuries hence. You’ll be spellbound as the magical mist envelops the verdant park, especially when lit up at night. Some swear they can see a water nymph at play in the tumbling waters. What about you? Travel to this magical destination in Northern Greece and find out!

Katarraktakia: small waterfalls and a big party
The neighbourhood with all the little waterfalls is in the heart of the city. Young people gather here to have fun and the noise they make gives the falling water a run for its money. Mini bridges amongst a riot of green foliage, cafes and tavernas near the river create a delightful setting in northern Macedonia. The locals claim that there are 71 bridges of all sizes in Edessa. You’ll need a sturdy pair of walking boots to check if they’ve got their sums right!


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