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BARaki Cafe Bar Restaurant, Thessaloniki

… the favorite meeting point in Toumpa

On Diogenous Street, you will find an innovative coffee bar - restaurant with high standards in design and service, being the hot spot of the city for a pleasant and not only break.

A favorite meeting place, not only for the area, but for the whole city, where you can enjoy coffee, drinks and food from early in the morning until late at night.

The well-designed space of 400 sq.m., with its hospitable atmosphere and positive energy, can host from small groups to large events of numerous people.

Its unpretentious luxury, perfectly adapts to your preferences to represent you individually and to complement your own special aura.

BARaki Cafe Bar Restaurant
Fine flavors and favorite drinks

At BARaki you will start your day in a positive mood. The friendly and willing staff will welcome you with a smile and will serve you fragrant, freshly ground coffee, which you can accompany with sweet or savory breakfast suggestions.

Throughout the day, you will find many delicious suggestions available, from sandwiches and salads, to light meals, pizza, pasta, bao buns, burgers and pastries.

The kitchen and bar of BARaki Coffee & More operate with very high standards and at very reasonable prices, which in spite of the times, are kept in perfect balance with the quality and quantity of the products, as well as with the respect and service of customers.

Evening entertainment means BARaki

It is a common secret, for years, that if you want to have fun in a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere, with nice dance music, the ideal place is BARaki.

It has a positive aura, which entices you, relaxes you, lifts your mood and entices you to a party until the early morning hours. With a careful wine cellar and excellent service, the sure thing is that the nights here will be unforgettable!

At BARaki they know well how to mix dissimilar, seemingly, ingredients with each other and give a unique result.

Delicious creations, taken care of with taste, satisfy every palate, vintage coffee and drinks and impeccable, friendly service at good prices, is the mixture that guarantees that it will satisfy you completely.

Besides, with its quality at all levels being top-notch over time, BARaki is worth enjoying all hours of the day, because "WeOnlyLiveOnce"… do not forget it !!!

BARaki is waiting for you, to become your favorite meeting point!

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