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Yacht Supperclub, Bar Restaurant

The style, ambiance, and quality combined with continuous improvement are only some of the elements that have been making Yacht Supperclub one of a kind at Platamonas. Distinctive, with unique architecture, spacious, impeccable service, infront of the beach, evolves each year by offering something fresh to its visitors. Special dishes for demanding customers, unique drinks and cocktails for party lovers. This venue is for everyone!!!



Platamonas (also called Platamona or Platamon) is a seaside town on the Olympic Riviera, 104 km from Thessaloniki.
It is famous for its fortress Platamonas from 13 century, built on a hilltop overlooking the sea. The resort is not very small and you can find everything you need for your holiday - hotels, restaurants and shops. Platamonas is located 38 km from Katerini and 54 km from Larissa. 7 km away from the resort you can visit Palios Panteleymonas - an old and picturesque village.
The beach is wide and sandy, mixed with pebbles around the shore. There are campsites nearby.



Seat of the prefecture: Katerini
The main areas of the prefecture are: Katerini, Elatohori, Platamonas, Litohoro, Leptokarya, Korinos, Makriyalos, Methoni, Kolindros, Agios Dimitrios.

The prefecture of Pieria is one of the 13 prefectures of Macedonia. It borders to the north with the prefecture of Imathia, to the west with the prefecture of Kozani, to the south with the prefecture of Larisa, while to the east it is bathed by the Thermaikos Gulf and the Aegean Sea.

The terrain is mountainous in the western and the southern part, while the entire eastern part of the prefecture, from the coastline to the interior, consists of fertile plains. The peak Pantheon (2.917 m), the tallest of Mount Olympus, is located on the border of the prefectures of Pieria and Larisa, while the plain of Katerini is part of the great plane of Macedonia.


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