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Great beach bar.
Whites bar on the beach in hanioti is a great place to spend a day on this lovely beach. First impressions of the lay out with super comfy sun lounges is that this is very expensive place to spend the day. It’s definitely not. You can spend all day on these providing each person buys 1 drink. They have a wide range of drinks and snacks and prices are very reasonable. Great music plays all day and keeps you in the holiday mood. I highly recommend it.


Milena G

I love the energy and the story of White beach bar!
This place has so positive vibe!
The beach is beautiful, clean (because stuff is constantly going around and clean), water has fantastic turquoise color.
All bar is so oriented to the customers, with chairs in the water, BIG pillows, additional tables, additional umbrella (because in some moments main umbrella is not enough), BIIIG fat sunbeds, chill music... I also like that they have separate parts for families with kids, for young people and people who would like to have more relaxing time.
The stuff is so positive, so nice, kind, cool,..


Kelly h

Amazing place
Well what can we say. The beach is beautiful. The clearest water ever. The bar itself is perfect. Yes you can not bring your own drinks but look what u get in return. Gorgeous FREE comfy sunbeds..bean bags ..reclining chairs in the sea..umbrellas.. Amazing chilled music.. staff service to your beds when ever you want.. toilets..showers..changing rooms and lovely staff who do not hassle you what so ever. They work hard and only come when called. This beach made our holiday. Anyone who complains about this beach needs to give their head a wobble. You also get little extras with your drinks.. crisps..nuts... fruit. No where do i know in all my travelling a beach bar that has got it as right as this one. Do not change anything white beach. We love you just the way you are



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