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Vergina The Royal Spot is a grill house, pizza, cafe bar and restaurant on Vergina Square. You can enjoy special espresso or  select from menu the homemade pizza you like. If you are meat lovers you can order souvlaki, burger.

When you visit the Archaeological Museum of Aigai, Vergina The Royal Spot is the best choice!



A Unesco World Heritage Monument and a region of particular natural beauty: one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century.

The ancient site of Aigai or ‘goats’, the curiously named first capital of the kingdom of Macedon, lies on the southwest edge of the plain of Macedonia in Northern Greece, in the foothills of Mt Pieria.

Although there are open-air ruins, you have come here to see the extraordinary subterranean museum of Vergina and the tombs of the Macedonian dynasty. Here you’ll witness the grandeur of Ancient Greece; one of the most important archaeological finds in the country, and the most important in Macedonia, is ready to reveal its secrets.

Like everyone else, you enter the raised mound or tumulus through an ominously dark passage, leaving daylight behind, only to emerge in an open circular space where wonderful lighting illuminates some of the most extraordinary finds ever discovered. You feel a bit like archaeologist Manolis Andronikos, when he unearthed treasures emblazoned with the golden star of Macedon and knew he had stumbled upon the untouched tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.

This shell was erected over the tombs and the other invaluable finds to protect them from the elements in 1997. They represent one of the most astonishing archaeological discoveries in 20th century Europe.

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