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Tsipouradiko Ta Kymata offers a variety of seafood Tsipouro & Ouzo In front of the Sea at port of Volos.

With every Tsipouro & Ouzo you get more snacks coming each round!

Enjoy Famous Tsipouradiko in Volos - Ouzeri & Special Snacks!!


You will find us in an enchanting scenery on Volos Beach that reminds you of paradise. You can enjoy delicious tsipouromezedes with the accompaniment of each sea-view tsipouro at affordable prices.


In front of the reminders of history, in such a traditional place that returns you to the past where everything was purer. Today Volos is famous for tsipouradika & mezetzidika, as well as seafood and tsipouromezedes.


We are waiting for you to taste our delicacies to taste our bulk tsipouro as well as tsipouromezedes that consist of over 50 different species that win even the most demanding.


With the tsipouro you will have the opportunity to taste them from close, we will be glad to see you in the Tsipouradiko Ta Kymata and serve you.


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The city of Volos, situated at the foot of Mount Pelion and near the site of ancient Iolcos, dominates the region of Magnesia overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf. It is one of the largest cities in Greece and one of the most important ports in the country, and is situated in one of the most interesting areas of Thessaly, which combines the allure of the sea with the mystical charm of the Centaurs’ Mountain, where creatures part-horse, part-human were born according to Greek mythology.

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