Touristiko Periptero Fanariou

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Authentic Greek Tastes
Usually the restaurants with a view don't have good food, but this was an exception. You may taste fresh fish that the owner may help you to choose (be careful, the fish have their heads on) and you should go chose cause that's what the locals do... even if they dont know how! Then I definitely recomend the grilled thinly cut octapus, the fried calamari and the shrimps. Just let the true taste of fresh fish take you away, I wouldn't order any sauce with it, only olive oil maybe. We had a bottle of a "Chardonnay Kikones" from the region, paired perfectly with our fish. At the end you have a huge quantity of ice cream! My kid loved it.

Heaven made and run by Vasili
Yes , indeed it is such a nice place to visit made and run by the owner Vasili.
He is all over , makes sure that guests are happy under any circumstances.
Without him that place would be an ordinary eatery and can not last too long to exist.
I kept going to this place since many years and I will continue to visit as long as Vasili playing the main role and orchestrating his wonderful Restaurant.

Touristiko Periptero Fanariou



Fanari is a scenic village in the Southeastern of Rhodope prefecture. It has about 700 inhabitants, but its significant position, between Xanthi & Komotini, being some 35Km away from each, has helped in the touristic growth of the last years, making it the heart of tourism for the area! Being almost in the centre of Thrace has encouraged visitors all over Northern Greece. Vacation in Fanari gives you the opportunity of exploring the village, a charming coastal resort with unparalleled natural beauty, rich in wetlands. Our Blue Flag awarded beaches, the group of lakes, and the multitude of rare fishes and birds, make Fanari village unique in the extended area.

Where you will whet your appetite
Fanari is well known for its fish taverns, which is natural, since it's at the shores of the Thracian Sea, with the local fishermen providing fresh and delicious fish daily. Look a little closer though, and you will realize that fish is not the only delicasy of this little piece of land: fine meats, gyros and souvlaki, pizza, bougatsa, tempting traditional pastries.

Clean Beaches, Golden Sands
Fanari is well known for its clean, long beaches, with their golden sand, crystal clear turqoise waters and generally shallow depth that makes them great for families! It is natural not to be familiar with every little shore surrounding our beautiful village, and with this page we will try to present as many as we can. Of course with a little searching of your own you can find even more...



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