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Taverna Vakhos, Delphi, Central Greece

Traditional home made cooking in Delphi
The restaurant "Vakhos " is a family business, based in the artistry of family Theodorakis and their love for the traditional Greek cuisine, aromas and memories of homemade food.



Delphi... The navel of the earth and a gift to humanity.

Visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delphi is to travel to the very core of mythical and spiritual ancient Greece and – according to legend – the centre of the world.

Nature at its grandest, the famous oracle and a Unesco World Heritage monument … After all these years, the gods still reign over Delphi
The harmony that bound men and their gods is still apparent in Delphi. Photographs cannot do justice to the grandeur and serenity of the setting. Nor can words express the emotions that this holy place provoke. The eagles, dispatched by Zeus to find the centre of the earth, met here. And it is where the god Apollo founded his sanctuary when he killed the dragon Python.

The Delphic landscape of Central Greece and the archaeological site (regarded as the most renowned oracle of ancient times and a Unesco World Heritage Monument since 1972) are a gift to humanity. You will bow to what men and nature made together, a creation beyond place and time. And you’ll discover your deeper self as the power of human potential and divine energy resonate within you.

What to do in Delphi
The navel of the world
Layers of myth and history enhance the natural magnificence of Delphi. It is told that Zeus sent two eagles in opposite directions to determine the fulcrum of all existence. When they met at Delphi, he proclaimed it the “navel of the world”. Tradition also relates that at Delphi a sanctuary existed, dedicated to Mother Earth and guarded by the dragon Python. Apollo, disguised as a dolphin, arrived at Kirra, Delphi’s port, slew the dragon and founded his own sanctuary in its place, the Temple of Apollo.

Taverna Vakhos, Delphi, Central Greece

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