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In the heart of Giannitsa, on the picturesque city's pedestrian street, lies the unique Sef Restaurant. In a unique architecture, the restaurant is a surprise for visitors!

With a basic concept of modern Greek cuisine influences Sef Restaurant has managed to stand out in the consciousness of all gastronomy lovers, balancing the courage between traditional and gastronomic inventiveness.

The warm and straightforward environment with the inspirational menus have contributed to Sef's success.


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The Archaeological Site-Museum
Ancient Pella had been the capital of the Macedonian state since the early 4th century. Excavations have brought to light a well-organized city, an admirable testament to its great history. The new Archaeological Museum at the north east end of the site gives you the chance to reconstruct in your mind’s eye the daily goings-on of the city in its halcyon days. You will experience for yourself the indispensable and lasting legacy of the Macedonian civilization and leave Ancient Pella well and truly under its spell.


Loutraki Thermal Springs (Pozar or Aridaia)
At the foot of Mt Voras, in the valley Agios Nikolaos, lie the Pozar thermal springs. The thermal river Toplitsa wells up from crevasses in the rock and forms small waterfalls and natural ponds with the water temperature at a constant 37 degrees.

Seize the moment for a complete revitalization at the natural spas of Pozar, famed for healing properties since ancient times. Besides the natural ponds, you have the opportunity to ensconce yourself in private baths filled with spring water. It all boils down to hours of relaxation and rest in a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty.

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