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Saint George Restaurant in Makri

Crossing the Makri olive grove we meet at the "St. George's Tavern" ... In May 2002, together with our partners, we found the right place to implement our ideas ...

The "St. George's Tavern" in Makri Alexandroupolis is our proposal, which aspires to satisfy every gastronomic taste ... Going down to the blue sea, the view enters you ... When you see it ... When you visit it ... When you travel to it ... you smell it ... When you visit it ... you enjoy it ... Saint George Restaurant



Twelve kilometers to the west from Alexandroupolis you can find Makre with its graphic little harbor that is located in an area called Platanos. Close to the beach is a natural wodge with a hillock on its top. Inside the rock is a cave that is known to the local people as the cave of the cyclope, which is presenting tracks and findings from the prehistoric until the Byzantine ages. Around the cave you can see chiseled stairs and other manufacturing. The excavation that is performed the last few years on the hillock, have brought to the light a very unique Neolithic settlement (4500- 3000 BC) which is considered as one of the most important in the Balkans. It is a marvelous resort, where every visitor can experience.

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  • Saint George (Ai Giorgis) Restaurant in Makri, Alexandroupoli
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