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Kokkino Piperi Restaurant

Dimitris Emmanouil has been active in the tourism field for years, with his brother Methodios.

After running successfully an outdoor activities store, they decided to open a restaurant, where one could taste authentic recipes from the Greek cuisine. And so they did. They created Kokkino Piperi (which means Red Pepper), making the region of Almopia famous for one more reason...


The menu includes about 120 dishes, a huge variety of traditional appetizers and main courses with pasta, meat, along with delicious fresh salads etc.

Do not miss to taste the local product "batsos" (it's all about a delicious Greek cheese, produced only there).

Also don't forget the fried feta cheese with dried tomato jam, the lemon calf, liver with onions, and the chicken with pepper sauce and curry.


Combine your meal or dinner with excellent wine and "tsipouro" (similar to the famous "raki") from local producers and it is sure you'll live a memorable gastronomic experience.


The region of Pella with incredible natural beauties, ravines and trails of Voras mountain waiting to be explored.

You have the chance to relax in a warm and traditional atmosphere and create new tasteful memories in the Land of Giants, as the place is also said.

In Kokkino Piperi restaurant, not only will you eat well, but new friendships are sure to be made!


About Pella
A corner of the land of Macedonia where body, mind and soul are reborn in the embrace of outstanding nature and rich history. Water, the source of all life, is in constant motion and it is this motion that imparts its beneficial effects on a stunning variety of natural habitats in Pella.

In its tranquil lakes, babbling rivers, effervescent waterfalls, not to mention thick, comforting blankets of snow and thermal springs.

That’s how it nourishes and refreshes forests and valleys which reward its generosity with a display of immeasurable beauty all year round.

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