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Kioupia Ladadika

For 27 years now, in the heart of Ladadika at Thessaloniki, Kioupia, a creation of Giannis and Filio Loumakou, serves chosen home food familiar, traditional tastes of carefully attended Greek cuisine prepared to order with love, excellent materials and knowledge.

Success and recognition in the field of eating, high quality, exquisite tastes and also its hospitality, have established it among the favorite food hangouts, a fact proved by all those years of constant presence and stable preference by those who love good and original Greek cuisine.

In the select seasonal menu you will enjoy from rich salads and handmade appetizers to excellent day dishes, casserole and toast meat cooked to order. All theese in a very pretty environment with smiling people that will serve you flawlessly!
Highlight: the daily lives with good Greek music (from 20.00)
Daily 12.00-01.00 the kitchen



Following the most popular shopping street of Thessaloniki, Tsimiski Avenue, right after Platia Eleftherias (Freedom Plaza), you will discover “Ladadika” district.


A beautiful walkable area which is one of the favorite destinations for both local and tourist visitors and the city’s college community.


Ladadika is one of the hot spots of Thessaloniki when it comes to entertainment. It is located in a central area right opposite to the port’s central gate and within a five-minute walk from Aristotle’s square.


The colorful buildings are two-story with wide, rectangular windows and, along with the paved alleys, they exhale the spirit of old Thessaloniki. Here the old merges with the new.

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  • Kioupia Ladadika, Thessaloniki
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