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Kapnismeno Tsoukali is a plain restaurant in the center of Konitsa, next to the town hall, serving honest food. It attracts local people and strangers. Perhaps the only place in Konitsa where you will find casseroles and stews, as well as pasta and fish. The “groom’s” lamb with groats is a local recipe. Interesting wine list that also includes wine from organically grown grapes.


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This beautiful borderline town spreads up the green slopes of Mountain Trapezitsa it has been built according to the traditional architectural style in Epirus and is surrounded by impressive nature.

Rivers Aoos, Voidomatis and Sarantaporos cross the area’s fertile plain. Arched bridges crown the deep-shaded ravines. The Vikos-Aoos National Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the major asset of this impressive land. So, it comes as no surprise that this area is one of the top destinations for alternative activities and mountain sports.

On entering the town you will cross its well-known stone bridge – the biggest single span arch bridge in Europe; its construction was accomplished by master mason Kostas Frontzos (1870). The path that starts from this location follows an enchanting route all the way to Moni Stomiou [Stomiou Monastery] (1776).

Walking on the ascending narrow stone streets of Konitsa is alone an unforgettable experience. The most impressive part is the Upper (Old) town and its eye-catching stately houses, the stone built churches and the unobstructed view of the plain that stretches at its foot.

The must-visit sights include the stone built main church of Agios Nikolaos, Sultan Souleiman Mosque (1536), Hamko’s house (mother to Ali Pasha of Ioannina – an ottoman ruler of the late 18th century), the public library and the Photography Exhibition of the monuments of Konitsa covering the period from the Prehistoric Era to the Byzantine times. The slab-paved square and the traditional tavernas are the right places for you to rest and also taste local dishes.

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