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Giorgaras - Traditional Tavern Restaurant

Feel all the scents of Pelion at the main square
Vizitsa is such a beautiful village, keeping its original character and demonstrating the Pelion architecture that impresses at first sight. Walking on a long cobbled street, you will reach the square where Giorgaras is located. Two old plane trees on the square, a spring with water from the mountain, birds all over the place and tranquility. Choose any table you would like and smell the scents of the herbs, the soil and the cooking of Giorgara's wife in the kitchen. The staff is very kind and polite, willing to serve you and ensure that you will enjoy your meal. Make sure that you order a cheesepie or pepperpie or mushroom pie...the ingredients they use are fresh, either provided by local producers or their own farm. Taste their own wine especially the rose...Very tasty meat (patties, beefsteak etc.), adorable Greek salad and other local dishes will tantalise your appetite. When you finish your meal, please make sure that you ask for a dessert. If you don't, Giorgaras will buy you some fresh fruit or yogurt served with local sweet quince.....



Traditional villages, ski slopes, outdoor sports, heavenly beaches and dense forests… a place for all seasons.

To one side, the Pagasitikos Gulf and, to the other, the Aegean. In between, a magical mountain to discover by the name of  Pelion! Water gurgles in the fountains.

Sunbeams stream through the leaves of the plane trees, apple trees, oaks, beeches, gardenias, hydrangeas, camellias. Nature flourishes in the  fertile soil of Thessaly.

In the autumn, a surreal palette of orange and red unfolds before you. Pathways, old churches, beaches with peacock-coloured water all add to this multi-coloured assemblage.

Up high, its villages teeter on the edge of the mountain. One weekend is not enough to take it all in. Welcome to magnificent Pelion.

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