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Drosostalia's cuisine is based on the most delicious traditional recipes of our region, combining them with the new trends of Greek gastronomy. We choose the best vegetable and meat raw materials from our carefully selected partners with great care and detail in the light of excellent product quality. In all our dishes we strive to show our love for Greek gastronomy with respect to the tradition of our region. In the summer months most of the food is made from our traditional garden. of Drosostalia. It's worth trying out our cooked meals as well as our delicious appetizers that are based primarily on delicious vegetables.


Constantinos Papagalis was the inspirator and creator of the business, who create the restaurant, with love and passion for the area, in 2005. Located in the Paleochori of Lake Smokovo. The three brothers Ioannis, George and Theodoros Papagalis manage the restaurant.

The restaurant located in a beautiful area where you can gazing at Lake Smokovo and all of Thessaly Valley. Drosostalia Restaurant can cover any kind of social event (baptism, weddings, engagement, etc). Drosostalia attaches importance to traditional recipes in the area.


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Lake Smokovo is an artificial lake in Thessaly, on the slopes of Agrafa mountains. It is located in the Regional Unity of Karditsa. It opened in 2002 and covers an area of ​​approximately 8.5 square kilometers. The objective of the Lake Smokovo construction is to irrigate the southwestern part of Karditsa plain, and a part of Domokos province in Fthiotida Regional Unity. A hydropower installation has also been constructed.


The lake dam was constructed between 1981 and 1994. The work had stopped for a long time due to resident’s reaction. The dam has a height of 104 meters, is 450 meters long and 11 meters wide at its top. Its base has a length of 30 meters and a width of 460 meters.

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