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Avlais Mushrooms Restaurant

The only mushroom tavern in Greece, with delicious fresh Grevena mushrooms!

Once upon a time there was a small settlement to the west of the present-day Grevena town named "Avlais".

Is not possible to turn time back, to resurrect the settlement is excluded ...

But based on the name we will try to get married yesterday with today.

In a place of stone and wood, in the city center, trying to give something of the old city, the traditional taverns and modern restaurants.

Avlais Mushrooms Restaurant

With delicious recipes, leaning on fresh local products, with brusque Grevena wine and raki and with retsina and ouzo and foremost with taste and friendly service, we will become again a happy companion for many relaxing and delicious days and nights!



Thick forests, a “hot valley” and alpine lakes: the ideal sunny winter holiday in the mountains.

The towering Pindus Mountains, jagged rocks and a huge forest of conifers and deciduous trees make up this Macedonian landscape in Grevena. Alpine valleys, rushing rivers and gentle streams. And villages crafted by generations of Vlach stonemasons, with arched stone bridges and tavernas with blazing fireplaces. Grevena is an ideal holiday destination in Greece any time of year for mountain lovers.

Grevena – Macedonia.
This area of the southern Pindus mountain range is particularly popular with winter sports fans. Skiers and snowboarders flock to the ski centre at Vasilitsa. But the great outdoors is there for all to enjoy. And by night, with the still silhouette of the mountains looking on and crisp, clear air to keep your energy levels high, there’s the vivacious, youthful party atmosphere in Grevena itself. Reasons enough to get out your map and plan a visit.

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