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Antonis Fish Tavern Restaurant, Peraia, Thessaloniki

The Fish restaurant o Antonis in Neoi Epivates, just outside Thessaloniki, offers greek cuisine and is a famous tavern for its fish and seafood, having loyal customers since 1981.

Tables by the sea and a cozy space with traditional decoration make a beautiful greek setting to enjoy delicacies of the sea and homemade recipes.

Along with good wine and other greek spirits, you will taste amazing mussel risotto, delicious octopus in wine sauce, fresh grilled fish, cod fillet with garlic sauce, fried squid and daily special stews.

The Fish restaurant o Antonis is the popular meeting point for food lovers.

The Story
Around 1930, on the deserted beaches of Thermaikos, they started to build new entertainment centers. The centers of Perea, Bahce Tsiflik and Ag. Trinity with the bain mixes, were oases of rest for the Thessalonians. People used to go to them by steamboat crossing the Thermaikos.

One of them, POSEIDONIO at the pier of Bahce Tsiflik, where in addition to a fish tavern it also had rooms for rent. Many famous people of the time stayed in them. One of them, Vassilis Tsitsanis, who after his dismissal from the order of telegraphers, remained there, secretly writing (due to the censorship of August 4) the first songs that will be made during the civil war and after that great popular successes.

The fish taverns of the time at that time had no luxury, but they had excellent cuisine. Marida, squid, mussels, crabs, foam fish, octopus… some of the delicious delicacies of the guests.

Many Thessalonians have spent unforgettable summer holidays on the picturesque shores of Thermaikos. Since 1981, ANTONIS SAFLEKAS takes over the management of POSEIDONIOS and continues with faith in the tradition of quality and home care, in seafood, fish and meat. The impeccable service and the reasonable prices embrace the gastronomic pleasures of its customers.

Antonis Fish Tavern Restaurant, Peraia, Thessaloniki

On behalf of the management of Psarotaverna Antonis, one of the oldest food outlets, we want to thank all these customers who in the last years since 1981 when we manage the space, trusted their personal moments, but also their events to us.

Thus, continuing from generation to generation, we want to offer the very careful services in any of your events, personal-family-social-business, trust us.

With appreciation and dedication, we promise all the members of the company that we will create and provide day by day, the best for you.

Antonis Fish Tavern Restaurant, Peraia, Thessaloniki

Αντώνης Ψαροταβέρνα, Περαία, Θεσσαλονίκη

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