In the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, we created with great care and much love, a very pleasant and clean place for you.
Akratos Oinos is a magnificent restaurant, in a preserved area of "LADADIKA", with good food, over 50 wine labels, to choose the one that fits the dishes you choose.
We give emphasis on music, for creating a beautiful atmosphere !!!
We are waiting for you to join a delicious trip!!!


People's Opinion

Quick service and good food!
We visited Akratos Oinos as a group of 16 people. Their young team quickly accommodated our request to be seated all at one table and effeciently managed our orders. The venue is well thought out, built to imitate the ancient location, offering traditional food with a modern twist.


The previous Night in Thessaloniki
After walking by the seaside route we decided to take a seat and find a nice restaurant. Everywhere was full and there were no free tables at the time, but we saw that on Akratos there were plenty of free space, only one table was taken at this time, so we took a seat.
The menu was well presented, with variety of salads, starters and main courses. We ordered. The waiters were very polite and professional I can give them 4/5 only because they couldn’t speak English very good and I think that this is essential if you work in a restaurant which is visited by a lot of tourists, however that is my opinion.
After we got the food which was amazing I really enjoyed the course I ordered they served us desert, which was on the house. Very nice of them I can say. The one thing that took out attention was that after we sat in the empty restaurant one by one the tables were taken by others. We laughed cuz we joked that we magnified the customers and we should be given a free of charge bottle of wine.
Everything was perfect I can say.

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  • Akratos Oinos Restaurant in Ladadika, Thessaloniki
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    Katouni 11 - Thessaloniki - 54625 - Greece