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Hotels Booking Hello Thessaloniki

Save your precious time and energy for looking the best shop with our Personal Shopper!

Hello Thessaloniki checks on the availability of the specific product you are looking for before you shop and plans out your shopping trip.


Ultimate Shopping Experience

A yoga session near the sea or on the roof of a renowned hotel at sunset with stunning views of the city

City’s hotspots and most upwardly places. Massage and beauty services at the most famous spa centers of the city.


Wellbeing is not only service… is lifestyle!

You don’t need to care about your kids or pets while you want to have free time during your vacation.

We have professional babysitters and dogsitters that can take care your child or pet. You can enjoy one night out or having lounch or diner!


We take care with love and passion!

Events Planning with Hello Thessaloniki

Do you want an unforgettable wedding or a bachelor party?  Don’t worry!

We plan the party and organize the catering. Your event can take place everywhere you like! From a special restaurant to a luxury yacht.


Unforgetable moments to keep forever!

Do you want your marriage proposal to be one of a kind? We have a perfect idea!

Hello Thessaloniki plans a private cruise in Thessaloniki or Halkidiki. The cruise ends with fireworks and an exceptional dinner.


You need… We have… Let’s plan together!

Your honeymoon travel is a time to celebrate a new phase of life together.

It should reflect the special interests you share as a couple. We plan trip that best fits your dreams and your budget.


Ensure memories that will last a lifetime


Aug 07
Athens paths of history. Culture and a cosmopolitan ambience!

Athens, paths of history. The city that gave birth to democracy, the sciences and fine arts is ready to reveal its secrets. Athens: the city of history and ancient civilisation – the Parthenon, Acropolis and the Ancient Agora. At the same time a modern, vibrant megalopolis, full of energy, day and night. A city belonging […]

Jul 04
Thessaloniki listed in the World’s Greatest Places 2022

Thessaloniki listed in the World’s Greatest Places 2022. Thessaloniki is one of the 50 Creative Cities of Gastronomy by UNESCO. With a population of over 1 million, the city of Thessaloniki is one of the largest cities in southeastern Europe and the second major economic, industrial, and commercial center in Greece. The local gastronomy has […]

Apr 15
Palea Kavala Trail

A gorgeous set of waterfalls nestled among perennial plane trees Palea Kavala. A landscape full of plane trees, ivy and crystal clear waters well worth discovering – just 15 km from Kavala Palea Kavala. It is one of the most beautiful hiking trails you can enjoy in Kavala and eastern Macedonia in general. And it […]

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